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Kysek Cooler Review


Kysek is the premium brand of coolers that are focused on delivering quality to lead the outdoor world. This is the brand of the cooler that is labeled as the “Ultimate Ice Chest” by campers and it also makes bigger claims that the brand has some of the products that are designed with impressive specifications.

The brand has met all the challenges with its wide range of soft-sided coolers, hard-sided coolers, and drinkware products. They have an impressive line-up of products in varied sizes and quantity including a 25-liter model and even 150-liter ice chest for large families. With such a large collection of sizes and models, you are likely to find the best-suited cooler for your next camping trips.

Know More About Kysek

Kysek focused on designing world-class coolers to challenge all its counterparts. The name Kysek is the short form of “Keep Your Staff Extremely Kold” and they commenced their business back in 2014 with headquartered in Los Angeles. This is the brand that was the brainchild of John Gutierrez and in a very short duration of time, the cooler brand managed to become the leader of coolers in many comparison charts.

The prime focus of designing the coolers is to find the major pitfalls in other cooler brands and come up with ultimate coolers by fixing all these loopholes. So, by fixing those pitfalls and improvising the details, the brand has come forth with their excellent range of Kysek Coolers which are now considered as the high-end option and a strong competitor of all world-class models of coolers out there. The manufacturer uses advanced-class technologies like rotationally molding technology, durable rubber latches, anti-slippery feet and more. All their cooler models are designed with beer proof durability and water leakage-proof which means it will retain the chillness of the beer for longer hours.

Where are Kysek coolers manufactured?

Kysek Coolers are known for their durability and ultimate construction. All their coolers are made of rotomolded poly material and this enhances its durability and performance that can compete for the premium tier coolers in the market.

The brand has its manufacturing plants in the USA and most of the coolers are designed in these units only. They use specialized construction called DuraCold and this is the combination of proven rotomolded construction along with extremely thicker walls. All their products were designed masterly in the manufacturing plants located in USA.

Top 4 Kysek Coolers Reviews

Find below the reviews of top 4 Kysek coolers. Our reviews will immensely help you making a decision of which Kysek cooler should you buy.

1. KYSEK The Ultimate Ice Chest Extreme Cold Cooler, Marine White 25L-150L

Kysek The Utimate Ice Chest

KYSEK The Ultimate Ice Chest Extreme Cold Cooler is the best cooler available out there today that comes with ultimate features to maximize the fridge temperature so as to prolong the freshness of the goods stored inside the unit. This is one of the strongest and durable coolers from this brand and it comes with some great features that make them stand apart from the crowd.

The cooler features a lock plate and bottle opener, one each at the corners of the cooler. They are used as bottle openers and beer proof plates which can fit a padlock on.

It is made out of high-quality stainless steel material. At the side of the cooler, there are easy-grip handles that are designed with a specialized rope that fits easily into the one-piece cooler mold and it is secured with superior grade aluminum pins. The cooler also features the state of the art drain system and also comprises a standard garden hose sized plug. It fitted with extra-large 2” plug for faster draining of the water.

The manufacturer has also updated its standard t-band lid latches. It is a good design improvement and it lasts for years as it comes with wear-proof and it reduces the lid latching power and never makes the seal tight when it is new. To maintain the fridge temperature inside the unit, it comes with the gasket system which is designed with enhanced bond technology that never creases or folds over for the entire lifespan of the cooler.

The cooler also features the customizable dome label which has a good quality dome logo on it and it is fully customizable. Just like other brands, the cooler comes with high-density anti-skid feet which are secured to the body with stainless steel hardware machine technology instead of gluing it. The cooler is known for offering the best insulation and retains the fridge temperature for longer hours.

Size and Weight

It is available in the standard size and it is very lightweight due to its materials. You will find the cooler in varied size ranges from smaller 25 litres to the bigger model of 150 litres.

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Our Rating :  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • Zero Skid and non-slippery feet
  • Designed using the latest cooling technology
  • Highest fridge temperature
  • The drain plug sweats sometimes
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2. KYSEK Rover Soft Cooler Bag

Kysek Rover Soft Cooler BagKYSEK Rover Soft Cooler Bag is the best ice chest that is big enough to accommodate your drinks, foods, and gears, yet lightweight and small enough to be hauled easily without straining your shoulders. It has all the features which you want in the soft cooler bag and it is known suitable for soft-sided coolers from KYSEK as it can keep the ice colder for long hours.

The flip-back top opens fully and this gives you easy access to all your stuff easily without scratching the hands. The latch guard buckles, extra cushioned side handles, and extra cushioned straps are some of the features that make this soft cooler bag really reliable and unique from all other brands in the market.

The foundation of this soft cooler bag actually lies in the interior construction which comes with InternaShield Interior and it is masterly covered and wrapped in the Rawhide Skin. Due to this construction technology, it gets exceptional protection from scrapes and bumps, while assisting in ice life, all thanks to the insulation that is offered by this new technology.

You also don’t need to worry about accidentally poking a small hole in the soft bag when it brushes across the abrasive surface as it is designed with robust material.

On top of the soft cooler bag, you will see the top side-flex rope which is the elastic rope and can be used to tie various items securely or carry the bag with perfect gripping. For hanging additional items there is also NyWeb Strap available on the bag and it is the nylon strap that offers great anchoring points for items that may not fit on the top of the bag.

To access the stuff stored inside the bag you have got top zipper which you need to unzip and pull up the flip back top to access the items with ease. This is the design that emulates the conventional hard-sided cooler’s lid and also applies it to the soft-sided cooler.

Size and Weight

There is no variation in sizes as it is available in one standard size. It can accommodate the standard and mid size cooler from the brand.  It is very lightweight as it is made out of superior quality light material.

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Our Rating :  3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)

  • Latch guarded buckles
  • Waterproof zipper
  • NyWeb Straps
  • Extra Cushioned Strap and Side Handles

  • Available in one size only and not suitable for large-sized coolers

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3. KYSEK Trekker Backpack Ice Chest

Kysek Trekker Backpack Ice ChestKYSEK Trekker Backpack Ice Chest is ultra-durable, lightweight backpack that is leak-proof and can carry almost all the stuff that you need for your camping trip. The backpack comes with dual extra cushioned straps that make it quite comfortable and easier for carrying without straining your shoulders even after long hours of hauling.

The backpack can hold around 24 cans of 12 ounces each or 17 pounds of ice at a time and it features the waterproof zipper which offers better insulation and easy accessing of the items stored inside the backpack.

The backpack is designed with flip-top zips that open fully and this offers easy accessing of the contents inside the backpack. The backpack is designed with InternaShield interior which is odor-free and easy to clean. This backpack is very convenient for all adventure trips and excursion that comes your way.

The backpack features the wide mouth top and this makes accessing quite easier. Besides, it also features front zipper pockets where you can store all your essentials and it has latch guard buckles and the backpack is beautifully wrapped with Rawhide skin. The backpack also has top side-flex rope which can adjust the size of the backpack for storage of the items securely.

Size and Weight

It is available in one standard size and there is no variation in the size of the backpack. It is standard in size and can accommodate 25.55 pounds of items in total. It is very lightweight as the material that is used for designing the backpack is durable and lightweight.

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Our Rating :  4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • NYWeb Straps and cushioned shoulder carry strap
  • Waterproof zipper top and wide mouth
  • Rawhide skin
  • Available in one standard size


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4. KYSEK Dry Bag

KYSEK Dry Bag is designed mainly for keeping the items dry rather than keeping them cold. However, this dry back can also be used for temporary makeshift coolers and you will not find the thick insulation like soft cooler bags and hence there will be a severe impact on the ice life. The dry bag from the brand comes with many amazing features.

To make the carrying of the bag easier and comfortable for you, the manufacturer has included a detachable padded shoulder strap in all its larger models with a capacity of 50L. Moreover, the dry bag models also come with comfort grip handles which make the hauling of the dry bag easier and comfortable for you. So, you get multiple carrying options with the dry bags from this brand.

The dry bags also come with multiple storage compartments and this ensures that you can carry multiple goods in the bag in hassle-free manner. The largest compartment of the dry bag features the zipper that gives easy access from the top of the bag. The dry bag also comes with side storage compartments with separate zipper and this is the great storage option for items that you don’t want to mix with the items in the larger compartments.

Kysek Dry Bag

Size and Weight

The size of the dry bag is standard and it is available with storage capacity of 50L only. You will not find any variation in the storage capacity.

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Our Rating :  4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

  • Completely water resistance
  • Front zipper pocket
  • Durable and cushioned shoulder carry strap
  • Standard size of 50L only


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Where Can I Find My Serial Number for my KYSEK Cooler?

Every model of KYSEK Cooler comes with its unique serial number and you can find the serial number of your KYSEK Cooler on the product itself. You need to turn the cooler upside down to see the serial number at the bottom of the cooler or you may also check the warranty card of the KYSEK Cooler to know the serial number. The warranty card and invoice of the KYSEK Cooler comprise the serial number of the product that you have purchased.


KYSEK Cooler is the best known for its durability and long-lasting performance and you can enjoy the best features of cooler with this brand.

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