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Best K2 Cooler Review


Iceboxes are extremely useful and essentials nowadays. You can check out our camping checklist which is one of the key essentials gear for the camping trip.

Whether you are planning to go for a picnic or your freezer at home is not working, a cooler is a handy item to help you get rid of wasting food and drinks. The insulated wall of the cooler helps to keep food and drinks cold and fresh for a long time. However, investing in a cooler is a difficult task because your selection will leave a major impact on your drinks. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are selecting the right brand and the right product. Each cooler has a unique feature and functionality. Today we will discuss the coolers of K2 brand so that you get to choose the right one.

Where is K2 cooler made?

K2 cooler is made by the manufacturing company K2. They use the best technology and components available in the market. These are generally made with exterior and interior shells of plastic. The inner section has a hard foam. The insulated wall of the inner side helps to retain the chill for a long duration and thereby keeps the content like food or drinks fresh. The name K2 is derived from the peak of the Himalayas that is 28000 feet. It is one of the five peaks. The choice of name truly asserts the ambition of the company to offer an impressive product, satisfy the customers, and reach the zenith of the market.

Top 4 K2 Coolers Reviews

Find below the reviews of top 4 K2 coolers. Our reviews will immensely help you making a decision of which K2 cooler should you buy.

1. K2 coolers summit 50

K2 Coolers Summit 50


Our Rating :  4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • The Roto molded polyethylene renders longer durability to the item.
  • Its extra-heavy insulation retains maximum ice.
  • It has premium features like Positrac latches and ICE vault enabled lid gasket.
  • The professional-grade is engineered in a quality manner so as to make it suitable for taking outside.


  • Some have found the plug to be a bit leaking but it can be fixed by adding a ring to it.
  • With 30 pounds of ice, cold drinks last for 2.5 days which may not be up to the expectation for everyone.


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2. K2 Cooler Summit 20

2- K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler

Our Rating :  4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Exclusive features like Endura integrated hinge system, ICE vault enabled lid gasket, Sure-grip nubber feet, and Positrac lid latches make the product a favourite piece of item for the buyers.
  • The roto modeled polyethylene offers great durability to the product.
  • Thick insulation helps the ice to last for a long time.
  • A padded shoulder strap helps the buyers carry it efficiently and quite effortlessly as they won’t feel the weight and pressure of the product on the shoulder.
  • Professional grade makes it effective for outdoor use.


  • Some buyers faced some trouble with the performance of the cooler. According to them, the ice didn’t last for a day. Nevertheless, several others have appreciated its ice retention power. The unit is effective to keep the temperature cool.

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3. K2 Coolers Summit 60 with Wheels

K2 Coolers Summit 60 Cooler with wheels

Our Rating :  4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • It has a portable and durable handle that help you to carry the item effortlessly.
  • The wheels further add to the easy movement.
  • The removable axle provides additional flexibility. Two plugs help to hold the axle at their place.
  • Features like positrac latches and ice vault enabled lid gasket are helpful for the buyers.
  • It has a professional-grade as it is built by experts to serve you outdoor.
  • The wheels can be elevated in order to keep the cooler stable.
  • It can carry immense weight.


  • There’s no rope handle to lift the cooler. You have only the pull handles at opposite sides to lift the unit.
  • No basket is provided inside the unit so you can’t keep small items inside. However, a separate tray is provided in a 50 qt unit.


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4. K2 Cooler summit 30

K2 Coolers Summit 30

Our Rating :  4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • The cooler is sturdy enough to carry dry ice which is a great plus point for the cooler to use.
  • The seal is tight and keeps ice intact for a long time.
  • Thick insulation effectively helps in ice retention.
  •  7 years warranty ensures that you have purchased a reliable item.
  • It has premium features like Positrac latches and ICE vault enabled lid gasket.
  • The professional-grade is engineered in a quality manner so as to make it suitable for taking outside.
  • K2 claims that the ice can last till 5 days is the outside temperature is cold, and the cooler is pre cold.
  • Roto modeled polyethylene provides maximum durability.


  • Some purchasers have found the item to be not up to the mark as per its performance. According to them, the unit can’t retain cool temperatures for a long time. However, the result has varied from one person to another. So you better try for yourself.
  • 20 lbs of ice can be melted within 2.5 days. However, according to a reviewer, if you pre-cool it and place 30 lbs ice bags, it can run up to 3-4 days if you open it 3 or 4 times a day. Not bad, we say!


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Which cooler packs work best K2 coolers?

From the above-mentioned reviews, you can easily get an idea of the pros and cons of multiple coolers from the brand K20. Our objective is to offer you a comparative study. That’s why we have jotted down different products from the same brand.

Currently, K20 is a leading company when it comes to buying a cooler. But not each of them has similar specs or pros and cons. They have different functionalities and features. Each of them has a certain audience base since its features are not equally appealing to everyone.

For instance, if your shoulder hurts and you want a padded strap while carrying a unit, you should use K2 coolers summit 60. Again a wheel enabled cooler, such as K2 coolers summit 60 will help you to pull the unit so that you don’t have to carry. Their ice retention power varies too. Go through the specs first before you end up buying an item.

For our review, K2 coolers summit 60 is a winner. The 40 lbs package weight makes sure that the unit is not extremely heavy to carry. Ice retention power is impressive too. It has a portable and durable handle that helps you to carry the item effortlessly.

The wheels further add to the easy movement. The removable axle provides additional flexibility. Two plugs help to hold the axle at their place. 7 years warranty of the product ensures you a reliable item.

Features like Positrac latches and ice vault enabled lid gasket are helpful for the buyers. It has a professional-grade as it is built by experts to serve you outdoor. The wheels can be elevated in order to keep the cooler stable. It can further carry immense weight.

How long will ice last in a K2 cooler?

The melting power of a cooler depends on several factors. For instance, the insulation of the interior of the cooler is an important factor. Cube ice or block ice lasts for 2-5 days in a thick and properly insulated K2 icebox. The external environment also leaves an impact on the box.

What you are keeping inside the cooler is an important concern. For instance, cold drinks remain cold for a longer duration than food. Again, if you pre-cool the K2 cooler, ice or drinks will remain cold for a longer duration. Further, limiting the number of times you open the cooler also casts an impact on the lasting time of ice inside it. Because long-time exposure to the external environment raises the temperature of the box and as a result, the ice melts more rapidly.

8 Tips and Tricks to extend the time of cooling.

1. Chill the cooler before using

Before you use the container and place the content like food and drink, keep some eyes inside the unit for several hours. This will help to cool down the interior walls and effectively reduce the temperature. It also helps to reduce the amount of ice that you would require to keep the content had you not pre-cool the container. Therefore, you can easily store more food and drink as space won’t be occupied by the ice cubes or blocks.

2. Pre cool the content

Not only the cooler, but you also need to chill down the content like drinks or food prior to placing them inside the box. This helps to keep them cold for a long time. Further, 14 packs of canned drinks will require more than 2.5 lbs ice to chill it down. If you cool the content beforehand, you will require less ice.

3. Dry Ice comes to your rescue

Dry ice is cooler than a normal ice cube. And it takes a longer time to be melted than regular ice cubes. So you better place dry ice inside the box to keep the unit cooler for a longer time. Only ensure that the icebox is compatible to carry dry ice since each icebox its unique feature and functionality. If you can’t carry dry ice, you can throw some salt on the ice so that the ice cubes stay intact for a long time.

4. Block Ice vs Cube Ice

Block ice lasts longer duration than crushed or cubed ice. Therefore you can use block ice inside the K2 cooler if you have adequate space inside it.

5. Limit Exposure Time

The external environment, sunlight, heat, moisture, air – everything leaves an impact on the ice so you better limit the exposure time. Don’t open the box too much and when you open it, close instantly after picking out the food or drink.

6. Don’t overfill your Cooler

Overfilling the container will reduce the time of retaining the chill. Every cooler has its unique capacity and you should stick within this limit.

7. Avoid Direct Heat

If you are taking the cooler out on a picnic, you better keep it in a cold, dry place. Keeping it under direct sunlight or near to the bbq grill instrument will melt the ice down really easily.

8. Clean and dry your Cooler

Cleaning the cooler helps to extend the longevity and helps to get rid of any stink and bad odor. Also, drying is an important aspect that you need to be cautious of while maintaining a cooler. A dry cooler runs for a longer time.

K2 cooler Parts and Accessories

Shoulder Strap – The heavy shoulder strap comes with excessive padding so as to enhance your comfort. You won’t feel any pressure while carrying it.

Wheels – The wheels of K2 model cooler help you to drag the container that is extremely helpful for the buyers. They don’t have to face any load and pressure.

Insulation – The snow blown insulation of K2 is inserted into it under heavy pressure. It ensures that you get proper insulation so as to retain ice and coldness for a longer time.

Ice Vault Gasket – The ice vault gasket of Kw is installed and designed in such a manner so as to lock the cold and expel the heat out. K2 is also partnered Lockaway and its lid is designed by the latter company in such a way that the unit can retain either ice cold or steaming hear for a long time. It also helps the container to protect the content from external temperature.

Positrac Lid Latches – The positrac lid latches of K2 is designed in a way as to create a seal and molded and mounted in to ensure a closure each time you use it.

Integrated Padlock – The integrated padlock holes help the K2 cooler to stay protected, locked and secured. It is placed on both sides.

Hinges – The endure hinge system is a completely lengthy integrated hinge that is designed in a manner to keep the lid to stay permanently attached.

Anchoring Points – K2 has two hold tight anchoring points that keep the cooler mountable. The mounting solutions on both the side helps to deal with any external environment.

Integrated Handles – The integrated handles of real grip help to make the lifting procedure extremely easy so that you don’t even need to use a rope. This is helpful because a rope can be tight on your hands especially if the package of the unit is heavy enough. But the real grip on both sides helps you to carry it more efficiently and quite effectively.

Rope Handles – The easy haul rope handles further produce more durability and comfort to the users. This feature helps one to carry a heavy load easily.

Drain Plug – The torrent drain plug of K2 is designed in such a way so as to ensure easy and quick drainage with a simple partial turn. Hence you don’t have to remove the plug entirely and it helps to avoid the risk of losing the plugging unit. The silicone gasket comes with a seal that is watertight. The drain plug of Torrent is made in such a way to fit the entire cooler range of summit series.

Rubber feet –The rubber feet of sure grip is designed in a non-marking way so that your cooler stays in the exact place where you want and put it. You can even fit a smooth glide cover in order to keep allow the cooler effectively slide.


We hope that our detailed reviews of the top 3 units of K2 brand are helpful for you to make a decision and buy the right one. Check your purpose and necessity before purchasing the cooler. The motto of K2 summit series is to construct a roto modeled one-piece unit that ensures extra tautness and longevity. The food-grade material is dry ice compatible and UV resistant. Therefore you can easily carry dry ice in the container. Also, the UV resistant potential helps the content to stay cool for a long period of time. Therefore you can trust this company while buying a cooler.

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