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Having a pet is one of the best ways to gain more knowledge about responsibility. They can be your companion when you are lonely or, just keep you company. Pets love unconditionally, but sometimes, they can be peculiarly stressful in their way, they bring their owners a lot of joy and companionship; also, having a pet especially for kids helps to teach them the basics of responsibility.

From time immemorial, dogs have always been considered as man’s best friend. This member of the Canis lupus family has been a steady feature of the human species since the earliest recorded memories. The best dogs for first-time owners depend on the choice of the person and in this article we will be looking at how you can get the best dogs for first-time owners.

What to look for as first time owner of a dog?

Make sure you research the kind of dog that you want. Getting a puppy is very cool but also knows that puppies have this boundless energy that can be tiring. If you know you cannot catch up or have the strength to chase this puppy up and down and clean up its mess around the house, then anolder trained dog will be one of the best dogs for first-time owners.

Sometimes even the older dogs will have some habits that still need to be worked on through training but in all, older dogs are easier to maintain than puppies.

Some dogs cause allergies to be worse. Before getting a puppy, know if your allergies and the puppy will be compatible. Aversion to dog hair means you cannot get a Lhasa, allergies that concern an aversion to too much saliva and such means you cannot have a bulldog or a pit bull and so on.

  • Getting a dog takes a large amount of commitment. At this point, you have a whole new range of responsibilities to this four-legged critter. These commitments are very normal once you own a pet and they must be followed through regularly to keep your mutt healthy. Trips to the vet doctor for vaccinations, and also training visits are compulsory although you can choose to train your puppy by yourself if the time permits.
  • It is very imperative that whatever dog you are bringing home from the pet shop has its own comfortable living space. Be it a house dog or a compound dog, their living arrangements must be taken into consideration. If it is in the house, then there should be some changes made to your living space.
  • Places that can be harmful to the puppy should be blocked or covered. If it’s in the garden or the compound, care should be taken that implements that usually would be scattered about are removed. Dogs especially the puppies are highly inquisitive and curious animals and they would sniff and try to put things in their mouths and run off with them.

5 Safely Indoor Tips

5 Safety Indoor Tips when the puppy lives in the house.

  1. Move important items out of reach of the pup.
  2. Keep kitchen appliance doors locked always. There are cases of pups entering the oven and even the washing machine.
  3. Make sure house wiring is hidden and electrical appliance wires are kept away from the pup or are covered with cable protectors which are chew proof.
  4. It is advisable to employ the use of non-skid mats to avoid injury and falls of your pup.
  5. Introducing your pup to people should be done in mind that it is a new environment and things are still new to the pup.

8 Outdoor Safely Tips for new owner

8 Safety Outdoor Tips when you bring the Dog out of House

  1. Ponds, hot tubs and swimming pools should be covered.
  2. Make sure the dog is nowhere near the driveway when you are going out or coming in.
  3. Check the paneling of your fencing is still very strong to make sure the dog cannot escape.
  4. Make sure all gates especially side gates are shut. In addition, remind the family regularly to always keep gates shut.
  5. Dogs are rather quick to put things in their mouth especially when they feel it is edible. Plants like aloe Vera, daffodils, tomatoes, tulips and so much more are harmful when eaten by the dog so you either get rid of them or block them out of the dog’s reach completely.
  6. After the dog explores the compound and garden of its new home, it is now time for it to explore inside the house. All dogs are always anxious when it comes to exploring a new place so it is advisable to keep it on a leash for this endeavor. Dogs through repetition can learn how to do things. Notice where in the compound you pup urinates when it first comes home and make sure you take it there anytime it wants to pee. After a while you will not need to take it as the pup will find the way there all on its own.
  7. No matter how well trained your dog is never and I repeat never leave them alone with children. You have to educate your children and visitors not to do these things to the dog.
    1. Mistreat or harass or be violent with the dog.
    2. Playing roughly or by fore with the dog.
    3. Shout and scream at the dog or run unnecessarily towards the dog.
    4. Teasing the dog by trying to make it bite you.

8. Dogs naturally growl first if they feel threatened and they will bite when they get afraid. This is the reason why your kids shouldn’t be alone with them.

  • Make sure that your dog is registered at the local vet. Like all animals, there will be times when your dog will be out of sorts and be uncomfortable. The veterinary hospital will be at hand to assist in making the dog healthy. All the dog’s vaccinations, checkups and such will be done by the vet doctor to make sure its health is certain best dogs for first-time pet owners.

9 Dog Breeds

9 Best Dog Breeds for first-time owners

Golden Retrievers

This breed of dog is one of the well-loved breeds worldwide. It is known as the ultimate family dog and it does live up to its accolades. The golden retriever is the traditional family dog in all of Europe and the Americas. Well known for its loyalty, naturally clever, highly loving to its owners and everyone in the family especially the kids and a veritably good burglar alarm. This breed is known for its unyielding loyalty and it’s brave enough to put itself in harm’s way just to save its owner. For a first time owner, the golden retriever is placed as number breed to start with. Be very ready to buy a very good vacuum cleaner and if you have allergies about dog hair, this breed is not for you because they shed a lot of furs everywhere in the house. This breed is good for novice owners.

Basset Hound

These dogs are popular in the United States of America. Their long floppy ears and their infinite sense of humor are enjoyed by the whole family. They have a very big personality. This breed needs minimal care because they are short-haired so there is less chance of unnecessary shedding. They have an even-tempered nature and are fiercely loyal. They are a lot easier to train because they are easily motivated by food. As an indoor dog, they are calm. You must pay full detail to their nutrition because they can tend to get overweight from eating. They sometimes can be very stubborn and will not listen to its owner especially when it is tracking something that it feels is interesting.


This breed is highly intelligent. This is one of the easiest dogs to train. House training a poodle can be accomplished in a really short time frame. Poodles happen to be perceptive to their owner’s moods which is another advantage of starting with them as your first pet. They are convenient to have because they are small.

They are easily transportable and will not fight or try to pull their owners while on the leash. They are active thereby they can be very playful destroying things in the process. They take a lot of time to groom due to the amount of hair they grow. They are not good for people with hair allergies because they shed a lot of hair.


This breed is one of the best to start with because they are smallish in build. They have this sweet and affectionate personality. This breed produces minimal shedding. For people with allergies that are aggravated by hair shedding by pets, the Maltese are the best pet for them as a start. This breed of dos is also a low maintenance dogs. This dog can be easily hurt due to its small size. They are highly attention-seeking and can even bite the owner when not attended to. They are very hard to train especially in the house. There are also issues with too much barking and anxiety when separated from their owners for too long.

Jack Russell

This type of dog can be very vocal when it wants to be. They are happy dogs who come naturally with lots of energy and really strong wills. Though they were bred to hunt, they make one of the pets for you to start with especially when there are older kids at home with you. They could be aggressive at times and when they are in the mood their noise decibel can be irritating.


This cross between a cavalier King Charles spaniel and a bichon frise are small dogs that make really good pets. They have a low shedding capability. They need regular grooming like every other dog. This dog is very loyal and friendly. There good starter dogs. They have that innately calm visage and can be seen most times lounging about. They are very prone to the medical condition of their parents.

Shetland Sheepdog

This small herding dog is fast, alert, active, intelligent and vocal when danger looms. It is one breed that makes a good pet for first-timers. This is one of the good dog breeds for first-time owners they are easily trained, loyal, friendly and people lovers. They do almost anything to please their owners and they love to cuddle.


This Belgian breed of dog comes from the Belgian sheepdog family. They are highly curious and will stick their noses into almost anywhere but they are also very lovable and joyous pets. This kind of dog is Big in a rather small package and very brave. It is very good as a watchdog and a compound dog.

English Springer Spaniel

This breed merges utility with beauty and it is one of the best dogs for first time owners. They come with boundless energy, intelligence, a lot of stamina, beauty and a so-called rear drive which makes them excellent for chasing birds. As pets, this breed is fiercely loyal and will learn any and every trick that it is taught. Home training this breed is a bit easy. They can be highly aggressive and will bite with no warning when they feel threatened.


Conclusion – Become a new Dog owner

Your choice of good beginner dogs is boundless.  The content of this article has shown that you do not need rocket science to adopt or get a pet. You just have to know what kind of pet you need according to your tastes. You also need to adhere to the rules in having pets inside your house and how to handle your pets when amid people. Lastly, the list of pets and their attributes above will go a long way in helping you to choose the right pet for your home and family with little or no stress.

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