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Best Coolers Box Buying Guide – Find the Best Coolers Box for Yourself!

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When you are going shopping for the best cooler boxes, there would be a variety of things to consider. There are several coolers available in the market. Depending on your needs, you can choose a simple lunch cooler box, or you can go with a large and hearty premium cooler box. Some cooler boxes can keep items inside cool for weak, or it can store ice only for a few hours.

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Choose a good cooler box

We have covered some of the popular brands for the cooler box in the current market by our TRR team. Do check out this section often as we will be updating again. You can dive into the following reviews below:

  1. K2 Coolers
  2. Kysek Coolers

Features to consider when choosing a Best Cooler Box?

You must have lots of queries in your head. Do you need a lid that is easily accessible? Do you need a waterproof cooler box? Do you want additional storage capacity? The list can go on and on. You do not need to get overwhelmed!! We are here to save you from the trouble!

After reading this article, you will have the best cooler box buying guide with you so that you only buy the most suitable one for your needs. Here we will be looking at the following:

  1. Cooler Box Sizes
  2. Cooler Material Type
  3. Cooler Carrying Method
  4. Cooler Insulation Abilities
  5. Warranty
  6. Other Features

Cooler Box Sizes

Though the size of a cooler box is pretty simple, still there are some important considerations to do. The first one is the size according to its storage capacity, and the second is the overall dimension of the whole cooler box.

Storage Capacity

Simply the storage size means how much volume you can keep. Remember that the volume can come from either insulated or from non-insulated storage space. So, if you see an advertisement claiming that a cooler can store 60 quarts of items, then it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have the entire space for stocking commodities.

It is prevalent in smaller coolers that they have separated cavities for the non-chilled and chilled items. This could be a plus point for you if you like to travel with cold things and also with dry snacks. Otherwise, if you want a whole cooler box, then you must avoid this type.

Another important thing is the shape of the cooler box. For instance, you want to carry long sandwiches that can take almost 4 quarts in volume. If your cooler box is very short in shape, then it will be a problem for you. So even the box has a bigger storage capacity then also it will not bring any utility to you.

You also need to weigh the space that the ice packs or the ice will consume. For maximizing the cooling life, many coolers include an additional ice chamber. However, these chambers can take much of the insulated space of the cooler, so be aware of that.

To avoid such problems, we always recommend going with a bigger size cooler box. Yeah, we know a large size cooler sometimes can be tough to carry around; however, it is better than not having enough storage capacity for yourself. So, at first, anticipate what you need then plan for purchasing.

Cooler Size

Size is another crucial factor when you are looking for the best portable cooler boxes. Let’s face the fact coolers can be very hefty sometimes that cause laborious transportation. If you end up buying a humongous size, then they probably would not fit in your car, tent or boat.

Commonly the durable coolers that provide more extended cooling facility come with thicker walls. Sometimes the wall of the box can be thicker more than two inches! So, make sure when you are transporting or placing the cooler, you have enough space. Otherwise, it would be a great problem for you to set the cooler.

To you rescue here come different types of cooler box materials. Generally, the dimension of soft side cooler boxes can be easily altered, and therefore they take lesser space. Also, you can squeeze them when they are empty or near empty. In this way, with a soft-sided cooler, you can utilize your space. On the other hand, the hard-plastic coolers remain the same in shape and size, regardless it has something in it or not.

Cooler Material

Cooler manufacturers use various types of material while making a cooler. For the sake of your better understanding, we are dividing the elements into subcategories so that you get an idea about the cooler and are components in general.


Most of the time, the soft-sided coolers have numerous types of fabrics on the outside. Depending on the fabrics, insulation, waterproof, and strength changes. For instance, you can have a cheap lunch cooler by just spending a few dollars.

However, it comes with some delicate fabric and much likely to tear easily. While some brands offer stronger material that can last for long, it has durable components such as nylon.

As a result, it has a stricter wall that can endure some strains and last for a bit longer than the cheap variants. Finally, it depends on your need. If your end goal is to have a robust cooler then select your fabric according to it.


It is undoubtedly the most well-used material for making the best cooler boxes. It is tough, cheap lightweight as well as waterproof. And when it comes to insulating it also does a fantastic job. So defiantly manufacturers like to use this material.

There are several processes to follow while making plastic coolers. Many reputed brands in cooler box making advertise about their boxes which are rotomolded. This type of construction makes the cooler box hard because it uses a single piece of plastic rather than stitching multiple fragments of plastics.

Hence, this type of cooler does not have some potential weak points, neither it has stress rises at the adjoining places of the plastic pieces. For that reason, it provides a much better and stronger performance.

Many cheap cooler boxes have hinges because they are made from separate pieces of plastics. They can cause some problems because they are not as strong as metal neither they can provide decent performance like rotomolded coolers.

When shopping for the cooler, you need to decide first what kind of cooler life expectancy you are looking for. However, when you are reading the best cooler buying guide, you can easily avoid such hazards and get yourself a fantastic cooler box.


There are some cooler boxes available in the market, which have metal walls, but they are not easily available. The frequent usage of metal that you can find in the cooler box is in the handles, hardware, zippers, and hinges.

While you can easily find a cooler box with metal zippers, metal hardware can only be seen in the coolers made by higher-end branded and eventually it cost more than the plastic variant. Even the price is a bit higher than the plastic cooler; here you can find much long-lasting as well as aesthetically soothing piece.


Many cooler box manufacturers in their strategic portion of design like to implement rubber. To make an airtight barrier between the box and the lid, the rubber seals help most of the time. You can also see the usage of rubber in the handles of the box.

It provides you with a much firmer grip. Furthermore, many coolers that are larger in size come with wheels, and those wheels have rubber around them.

The coolers also have rubber gaskets drain plug. Typically, everyone considers rubber as a side material for coolers, but it plays a vital role to enhance the performance of the cooler.

Carrying Method for Different Cooler Boxes

It could be challenging to carry a large cooler, especially when it is full. For the sheer dimension of a cooler box, it could be tough to move it around. Also, when you stuff the cooler with ice and various items, it eventually became weighty.

If you buy a considerably large cooler, it can be several feet long, and for that reason, it could be difficult for a person to reach on both side handles even if it has nothing in it. So, for your assistance, we are sharing the best cooler buying guide with you so that you buy the most suitable one for your needs.

Shoulder Strap

A cooler box with shoulder strap helps a person to carry it in their shoulder, and for that reason, the two hands remain free. This feature is helpful to you if you need to carry some extra stuff with your hand.

Along with that when you take a cooler in your shoulder, your hands don not get fatigued, so you do not accidentally drop the cooler. However, you can mainly found the shoulder strap option in soft-sided and smaller products.


Many large hard-sided coolers are available on the market that comes with optional wheel features. As per the name, one can understand that it allows the user to avoid carrying heavy coolers on their shoulder or with their hand.

Instead, they can easily pull or push the cooler and drag it wherever they are going. This an effortless way to move the cooler when it is full of ice and very heavy. However, if you are planning to use it on an uneven surface or a hill, it could be a bit problematic.

Lid Handles

This feature is easily available in the best portable cooler. A lid handle is a single handle that looks like a handle of a briefcase, and it stays on the top of the lid of the cooler. This is helpful to people who want to carry it with hand.

This option is also useful because it gives people the opportunity to use it with one hand and use the other hand for taking other things. However, when you are buying it, keep that in mind that this feature is only useful for small coolers. And it is not recommended to purchase heavy capacity cooler box with lid handles.

Side Handles

It would not be an exaggeration to call this option as the most frequently used carrying tool in a cooler. These are usual handles that are placed side by side for easy transportation. As it has two handles on each side so two people can quickly move it if it becomes too heavy for one.

These side handles come with a variety of options such as flexible ropes, plastic grips or plastic handles. One can select the most suitable one as per the usage.

Cooler Box Insulation Ability

This one is also an essential factor when you are trying to buy a cooler. It tells you exactly how long you are going to get your stuff cold. There are various options available in the market.

Some cooler can keep ice for a week, or some are good only for a few hours. So, it entirely depends upon the user’s needs. Here we are dividing coolers as per their cooling capacity so that you only choose the best portable cooler for you.

Lasts for a Few Hours

Almost all the coolers available in the market are able to do this. Often you do not even need additional ice and rely on the insulation for doing all the work.

Lasts for a Whole Day

Mostly every plastic cooler can pull this job easily. However, if you are selecting soft sides’ cooler, then you might not get an entire day of cooling.

Lasts for 2-3 Days

If you are looking to get this performance in soft-sided coolers, then it could be challenging for you. Mostly premium coolers provide this type of facility.

Lasts up to 5 Days

This feature is mainly for the top premium cooler range. Here you will find most of the coolers are made with higher quality materials, and many come with rotomolded construction and they may also have metal hardware for enhancing the performance.

Warranty for Cooler Box

Let’s face the fact that we all want a product to last forever once we have purchased it, but that is not the case in reality. As this is not possible, you need to know more about the warranty period of the product and also have an idea of how long it can last.

When you are shopping for your next cooler first be sure how you are going to use it. If you decide that you are going to use it outside most of the time, then do not go with the soft quality.

However, if you think that a cooler that can pack a lunch for a day is appropriate for you, then you can easily go with soft-sided one. And as per the warranty, you must check it at the time of purchasing, and also do not forget to read the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Ice Retention and External Storage

If you go through with the best cooler buying guide, you will notice most common issue that people face after buying a cooler is that they often realize they also need some separate storage for their dry or non-chilled items.

For instance, car keys, sunscreen, potato chips, sunglasses and so on. So, in this scenario, one needs ice retention capacity as well as storage for dry stuff. Therefore, in such cases, you need to go for the cooler which has both ice holding capacity as well as external storage for your other needs.

Other Features for Cooler Box


When you are going to buy cooler, unfortunately, you are left with not many choices. However, the market is not entirely dull. There are plenty of color variants available for your cooler.

You can also select various patterns for your cooler. If you are into sports, then you can also choose coolers with your favorite sports team color.

Additional Features for Cooler Box

There could be various other features that you can include in your cooler box.

The options could be a detachable water bottle, built-in cup holders, can openers, easily accessible drain plugs, fish scales or rulers, lights, silverware, and the list can go on and on.

However, one pro-tip when you are buying cooler, you must only consider the features that you need. Do not choose something that has immense, fascinating features but which have no use to you.


These are some common considerations to do when you are going to buy a cooler. There are tons of options available in the market.

At first, determine your purpose, then buy the cooler accordingly. It always makes the shopping experience smoother when you have a clear vision of what you are looking for. And also, before buying a cooler, do not forget to read the reviews available on the internet.

We hope this way you can buy the best cooler for you.

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