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Best Camping Lanterns for Outdoor Trip – Buying Guides & Reviews

Best Camping Lanterns Reviews


If you are planning for a great camping trip, then the best quality camping lantern is essential. By keeping the best quality camping lantern, you can easily make sure that no one will get stumbled in the dark place. These camping lanterns are vital tools in an illuminating the campsite. They also help in navigating the dark trail. When there is a camping lantern, you can even read a book on your camping trip. Along with these, there are many more benefits to having the best camping lantern.

But there are many things that you should keep in mind when buying a camping lantern. Since there are a lot of options, you need to be clear about your needs and pick the best lantern that is useful for your camping trip. It can be challenging to choose since there are hundreds of options available.


Guide to choosing the best lantern for camping needs

Any camping enthusiast would be keen about one essential to take along, a lantern. To carry out your activities in a convenient manner, a good camping lantern is required. There are numerous options available. It all depends on your requirements. While trekking, you need a lantern that is compact and could be collapsed to fit right in your backpack. Picking a water-resistant lantern will relieve you from worrying about its safety during your journey. Some versatile models do replace the need to carry a power bank to charge your phones.

There are eco-friendly options available like solar power camping lanterns. They need minimal maintenance for their functioning. Yet, performance is not compromised. Sturdy designs are capable of withstanding bumps while you travel.

How to choose a suitable camping lantern?

Camping lights ought to be light in weight for its purpose is to serve the lighting needs at camps. The lightweight makes it easier to carry irrespective of the terrain. The viability of camping lights has significantly improved with the technology of LED and other batteries. The efficiency of the latest camping lights is very high.

Charging your battery once is sure to provide for a few days. Such camping lights are best when you camp out for prolonged durations with your loved ones. The significant considerations while buying a camping lantern must be the lumen, which specifies the light intensity, power source, whether it runs with fuel or batteries, and the duration of runtime.

Pick up the ideal one that suits your needs. The following article outlines the features of the five Best camping lanterns that guide you in picking the right one within your budget specifications.

5 Best Camping Lantern Reviews

1. Coleman Multi-Panel LED Lantern

Coleman Mutli-Panel LED Lantern

  • The lantern consists of four panels, and each of them is removable.
  • The lantern could be recharged at the base.
  • Great degree of adjustability of the illumination as you can control each of the light panels.
  • The product comes with an in-built flashlight.
  • The lantern is water-resistant and is durable.
  • There is a charging port that could be used to power your mobiles, which is a unique feature.
  • The base that is operated by the battery recharges the light panels.

Our Rating :  4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • The total run time of base is 20 hours with high intensity, and for panels, it is 3 hours.
  • The lumen value is 800.
  • The removable light panels bring in more flexibility to the user. Hence it serves the purpose of acting as a flashlight too. You can set the lighting as per the need of the hour.
  • If all four light panels are removed, the lantern serves as a camp beacon with the base light on. The base light is operated with a battery.
  • Multipurpose base, as it serves as a USB port to charge your mobiles and make them ready.
  • The magnetized light panels can be fixed at any place of your choice. Every panel comes with a stand too.


  • The quick wearing out of 8 D batteries.


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2. Goal Zero Lighthouse Core Lantern

Goal Zero Lighthouse Core Lantern

  • The lantern has got 430-lumen intensity as its maximum, and you can dim as per your requirement.
  • The brightness is adjustable with the dial where you can set suitable value.
  • The equipment comes with a feature of dualite direction as either 360 degrees or 180 degrees.
  • There is a facility of USB port where you can power your mobiles and any other small equipment.

Our Rating :  4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • The total runtime is 350 hours on the least setting of brightness.
  • With the highest brightness, the runtime is 4 hours.
  • The battery can be completely charged within 5 hours.
  • This convenient portable lantern is weighing only 362 grams.
  • The life of the battery is high.
  • The dispersion of light is perfect.
  • You can easily mount the lantern with the help of a hanger, and its base comes with magnets arranged.
  • Best features within an affordable price range.


  • The lantern once turned on, and it seems that it cannot be turned off till the battery drains completely.

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3. Etekcity 2 Pack Led Camping Lantern

Etekcity 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern Battery Powered

  • The lantern is battery powered and can be used for dual purposes of lantern and flashlight as well.
  • The lantern can be collapsed, and thus it consumes less space.
  • COB LED strip provides 300 Lumen intensity.
  • The flashlight mode of operation offers 110 Lumen brightness.
  • This lantern features a high degree of multi-functionality, such as indoor, outdoor, and survival lighting needs.
  • The compact design is lightweight and is easy to carry as well as to store.
  • The construction of the lantern is with the durable material of ABS.
  • The lantern is water-resistant and weather-resistant.

Our Rating :  4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • The run time is 20 hours when in flashlight mode, and as a lantern, it functions for 12 hours.
  • The COB strips are super bright and have got great
  • The energy consumption by the LED strips is pretty slow.
  • Simultaneous activation of dual modes of operation is possible, providing more concerning illumination.
  • The coverage of the lantern is 360 degrees, and the flashlight is for bright light at a directed spot.
  • If you pull the lantern top, the light is on. Similarly, closing the top, the light is off.
  • The body is made of military-grade sturdy material increasing its life and making it suitable for harsh
  • Great versatile functionality for such a price.


  • The intensity of light is not adjustable. There is no option to dim as per your requirement.


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4. Vont 2 Pack Led Camping Lantern

ont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

  • This lantern is a patented collapsible lantern that comes with batteries.
  • The body is made of tough ABS or metal materials, ensuring durability and toughness.
  • The lantern has got 30 LEDs, which give superior brightness.
  • The spread of light is 360 degrees.
  • The light can be increased or decreased by expanding or collapsing the lantern.
  • The lantern also serves as survival light at emergencies.
  • Being lightweight makes it portable with ease.
  • The body is water-resistant and hence offers more longevity. Tough material that survives a drop from 10 feet, thus cannot get destroyed easily.

Our Rating :  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • The runtime of the lantern is 30 hours, which is the best compared to its counterparts.
  • The design is super-compact with the feature of collapsing.
  • You are given a warranty for the product for a lifetime.
  • It provides a brightness of 140 Lumens.
  • Pretty decent product for the value.
  • Rugged design.


  • You may face issues for being extremely bright and with on/off mechanism.


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5. MalloMe Led Camping Lantern

MalloMe LED Camping LAntern Flashlights

  • The two-pack lantern is collapsible and comes with AA batteries.
  • The lantern provides optimum illumination with 350 Lumen.
  • It is equipped with Chip on board the latest LED technology for illumination.
  • Multipurpose equipment as lantern and survival gear.
  • Built of military-grade ABS material and is long-lasting.
  • Collapsibility makes it compact and easy to store or carry.
  • COB light strips are efficient, offering more brightness and yet consuming less power.
  • The life of LED bulbs is 100,000 hours.
  • The lantern is lightweight, making it comfortable while traveling or trekking.

Our Rating :  4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • The lantern is water-resistant and weather-resistant.
  • The distribution of light could be adjusted with the collapsible design.
  • The superior technology of LED strips is incorporated.
  • The design and functioning are highly versatile.
  • The topnotch durability of the lantern is making it tough.
  • Excellent illumination for the price.
  • Sturdy and rugged construction adds to the durability aspect.


  • There is no possibility to adjust the brightness or to set dim other than collapsing according to the need.

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How to choose a Lantern for Camping?

The first thing you should be clear about when you decide to buy a camping lantern is your expectations. Hence you need to prioritize and assess your needs. Here are some essential things that you should be considering when purchasing a suitable lantern for camping.

Camping Headlamps vs Camping Lantern

Understand that by using a camping lantern, you can get a source of light that is centralized. Usually, the source shines in a 360° radius. This is the most significant benefit that you can gain from using camping lanterns. Even though there are many campers, they can utilize the same source of light.

If in case campers are looking for a more focused beam and light source, then they can rely on headlamp or flashlight. But both headlamps and lanterns come with a benefit. That is, you need not handle them in your hand. So, you can make use of these sources, just relaxing. The best part is there is no need to carry varieties of lights when you pick these sources for your camping trip.

Backpacking vs. Camping

First, be clear about the type of camping you are planning. If it is car camping, then there is no need to worry about both the weight and size of the light source. In this case, you can pick any lantern that is battery-powered, and that will do the required job. You can even choose a propane lantern.

But, if you are backpacker, then you should be specific in choosing the lanterns. In this case, you should go for a lightweight and compact lantern. The camping lantern should not demand much space in the backpack.

Another thing that you should be considering is compared to car camping backpacking is rougher. Hence for backpacking, you need to pick robust and highly durable lanterns. It is also better to choose a waterproof model. By considering all these, you will avoid risks related to damages. If you are planning for a backpacking trip that is long and multi-night, then you can also rely on solar-powered camping lanterns. These solar-powered lanterns come with solar panels, and they need sunlight. There is nothing to worry about sunlight on camping trips, and they come handy. Against the problems you usually face about dead batteries, these solar-powered camping lanterns can be a great solution. This is the best choice among rechargeable camping lantern.

Number of Campers

It is better to clear with the size of your team before choosing the camping lantern. If you are planning for a more substantial troop, then pick the lantern that is bright and more powerful. If you are planning for the gathering of a big group and want to keep a single source of light in the middle, then go for a bigger lantern. Along with group size, if you are planning to wake up the whole night for card games or chatting, then you should be kept bright and more powerful lanterns.

Weather Conditions Consideration

Along with all this, you should be very clear about the weather where you are planning for camping. If it is a cold-weather area, then choose fuel-burning camping lanterns. You can pick the ones like Coleman Lanterns that are classic. These lanterns always perform well even in cold temperatures when compared to electric lanterns.

Along with these, you can also consider electric models that come with lithium-ion and lithium batteries. These types of camping lanterns also work better in cold temperatures compared to the alkaline batteries that are the traditional choice. Hence understand that choosing the battery-powered lanterns is always better in cold weather, including lanterns that are powered with alkaline batteries.

Another option is keeping the alkaline batteries in your pocket. Through this, they can be kept warm, and they work well even in cold weather. Just when the light source is needed, you can put them in your lantern.

Led Camping Lantern

If you are searching for battery-powered lanterns, almost all of them are LED lanterns. There are many benefits of these led camping lanterns. The best part is they come with long battery life. Along with this, they offer the best light output; they can manage rugged use. They are quiet, and they are exhaust-free. Another advantage of these led camping lanterns is that they are safe for kids.

Before you decide on a camping lantern, you should understand and familiarize yourself with the lumens. Lumen is nothing but the measure in use for measuring the amount of light that comes out from any light source like a camping lantern. When the light source offers more and more lumens, that means the light comes out can travel farther.

How many lumens do I need for a Camping Lantern?

You should also keep in mind that when you choose more lumens, the battery life of the light source becomes shorter. Hence you need to be very careful when selecting the lumens. For a camping trip, the recommended lumen is 35-60. This is more than sufficient for an average camping trip. To understand a flashlight that we often use at home may come with 10-30 lumens. There are many flashlights and even headlamps that offer 500 lumens. But these are not necessary for a camping trip. In case if you choose a camping lantern with high-lumen, then choose the one that offers low-light options. So, you will have an option to save your battery.

Conclusion – Choosing the best Lanterns for Camping & Hiking?

While camping, when you are deep woods, you need to brighten your way to move ahead or to light up your tent to stay. Rather than a conventional campfire, you need to rely upon reliable light sources. At this juncture, you should also be ready to tackle emergencies that may happen on your way.

To have enough light would make some remarkable difference. Perfect placement of lighting makes it easy to socialize to enjoy your camping. Thus, a lantern turns out to be a vital accessory while you go camping. Portable lanterns will serve your purpose as they give enough illumination cutting the darkness around you.

There are lanterns with a high lumen that are using LEDs to brighten the surroundings. Led camping lanterns are ideal for providing ample brightness. The latest technologies are aiming at providing reliable and maximum illumination.  Similarly, rechargeable camping lanterns provide great run times with lithium batteries. Brighten your camp with one of the lanterns mentioned above that suits your budget constraints.


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