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8 Best Camping grounds to Camp in Illinois

Campgrounds in Illinois



Illinois is a place that is mainly known for its camping place and campgrounds. There are so many places available in Illinois to get together or go camping. Most people love to go camping as it is very interesting and entertaining. You might be curious about knowing various places which are present for camping in Illinois.

People should go for camping timely as it helps them to spend time with their loved ones or families. Various people need to know the best campgrounds in Illinois.
If you want to know about the various campgrounds in Illinois, then you should consider this article. It will help you out to know multiple places where you can easily go camping.

Starved Rock State Park

  • In Illinois, it is the best and the favorite place for people to go for camping as it helps them to see various different views.
  • This place is near about 90 miles away from Chicago, but it seems to be an attractive tourist place by various visitors.
  • In fact, the people who live in Chicago love to go camping in this park so that they can spend some meaningful time with their loved ones.
  • This park was voted as the number one place for the best camping in Illinois. It helps people to have some private time with each other.
  • The rocks which are present in this park are huge and are very high. The area looks like an ancient sandstone where various people get together. It is a place where most couples visit and use to write each other’s names on the rocks.
  • There is a river present which makes this place more beautiful and attractive and seeks more attention from various people.
  • Most people find this place as the best place for fishing, boating, etc. and also helps various people to relax.
  • This park has about 130 campsites under it, and each of them provides various services to the customers.

Rock Cut State Park

  • It is located near Rockford and has a distance of one and a half hours from the city of Chicago.
  • This park has an area of near about 3,092 acres and includes two lakes in one. It is considered as one of the best campgrounds in Illinois as it has hiking and horseback riding trails.
  • People consider this place the best place for camping as it has a lot of water and sea, which helps to get relaxed faster.
  • It is found to be a great escape from the city and spend a lot of time here, and no one realizes how much time they spend there.
  • You should definitely visit this place as it is very beautiful and attracts most of the people due to its beauty and best views.
  • It is the best way to have an excellent experience of various views together and at such a beautiful and attention-seeking place.
  • This park includes 270 campsites that have different services and helps people to have them who visit there.
  • You can have various different views after visiting this place, such as the sea, rocks, and many others and also able to spend some personal time.

Garden of the Gods Recreation Area

  • This garden named area is basically a forest which can make you feel so relaxed and help to have some fresh air.
  • The people who have a lot of burdens and workload they should visit this place s it can make them feel very fresh.
  • It is one of the parts of the Shawnee National Forest, which included various adventurous areas and other exciting things.
  • This place offers you so many different options apart from the other camping areas, and it founds to be great campgrounds in Illinois.
  • You should definitely like the place after visiting there as there are so many various camping sites available along with multiple benefits.
  • It helps you to have various adventurous things to do and provides different sports to play, such as hiking, horseback riding, etc.
  • People should always go for some camping tasks so that they can relax and also have some fun with their families.
  • This area has a number of various campsites under it, and almost 12 campsites are present there.
  • It is important for people to go camping in Illinois as it helps them get more knowledge about different places and also to have some fun.

Coon Creek Recreation Area

  • This area has both benefits one is to experience forest view as well as the sea view. It also helps them to have a best-relaxed environment.
  • People who love water and forest, then they should visit this place as this area has the comfort of both views.
  • It can be considered as one of the best camping in Illinois and also to make more people get attracted to this area and especially to Illinois.
  • This area is located near the sits on the Western Shore of Lake Shelbyville, which is two hours far from St. Louis.
  • You can consider this place as the best place for kids to have fun in playgrounds as well as in swimming, and adults can sit under the shed.
  • In this area, you will get all the facilities related to the summer as well as winter, and in summers, you can easily sit there as it provides you shaded sites.
  • Here are near about 180 campsites, and most of them offer various services related to reservations and others.
  • People who live in Chicago should definitely give a try to this place as it helps them to spend some time together and have some fun.
  • A campsite plays a significant role in each and every person’s life as it helps them to get relaxed and have some fun.

Ferne Clyffe State Park

  • In this park, you can easily find various adventurous sports such as cliffs, limestone bluffs, caves, ferns, and waterfalls.
  • For camping, this place is the best with all the necessary sports included in one place. People can consider this place as one of the popular places to camp in Illinois.
  • There are so many other adventurous places available in this park only which have various purposes and adventurous sports.
  • People should visit this park so that they can experience various sports together in one place and also it will help them to have a wonderful day.
  • You can easily experience various forest views as well as rock-related views, which can help you to get relaxed and more motivated.
  • As you all know that mental and physical health matters a lot, and these places are the best to keep both the health well and good.
  • This campsite helps you will various offers and also provides you with a variety of different styles with multiple electric hookups.
  • You can see that it helps you to have various styles and also helps you with other different sports. It is essential for you to now to visit it and have some life experience with more energy.

Castle Rock State Park

  • This park is located near the West Bank of the Rock River in the Ogle Country. This park is a perfect place for every aged person, whether young or old.
  • It is situated at the borders of the Rock Rivers and includes rock as well as river view, which helps people to get relaxed faster.
  • You can find this park as a good camping ground in Illinois as it has various unique factors which can help you to have a wonderful experience of your life.
  • It is a primitive camping area where you can spend your personal time and also some time with your loved ones. It is the best place for couples and also to have some time together.
  • Here is a unique factor of this park is that in this park, rocks get made itself and gives a very beautiful view.
  • People should consider this park as the best place to have fun and adventure within various rivers and rocks.
  • All the campsites which are present in this park have various services, and all the services are up to date and very good.
  • The sites which are available on this site are all situated near the rocks and have a wonderful view.

Illinois Beach State Park

  • This park is the best as it offers both the experiences one is the water, and the other one is the wildlife. If you want to have both at the same time, then you should prefer to go there.
  • You can consider this park as the recommended place for camping in Illinois because it has various adventures and also many campsites.
  • It includes so many fun related activities and also some sports which help you to have some improvement in mental and physical abilities.
  • This park is like a beach and has so many interesting tasks to perform and also helps you to have some particular time with your loved ones.
  • The park offers the various natural settings which are already being naturally accomplished along with the sandy shores.
  • The parents need to take their kids to such a brilliant place so that they can have some enhancement in their inner skills.
  • Different people have different tastes and preferences and according to which they used to perform their tasks.
  • There are so many different places available in this particular park which can help you to have some interest and adventure while having a view.
  • This park has an area near about 4,160 acres and includes two distinct regions, which can help it to become more vast and wild.
  • Camping is only allowed in the south part of this part, which is a Class-A premium site with more safety measures.

Lake Shabbona State Park

  • This park is considered as the best park for spending one’s precious time and makes people feel so relaxed and happy.
  • There are so many comfortable areas present in this park which makes you feel more comfortable and exciting.
  • It is found to be the best place in Illinois for camping because you can spend a lot of time in this park without getting bored.
  • The campsites in this area are made up of semi wood and a very beautiful place to have some relaxation and fun.
  • This park provides you with various necessary facilities such as car parking areas, electrical hookups, a boat launch lamp, showers, restrooms, etc.
  • You should definitely visit this park so that you can experience all these facilities on your own and also gets some relaxation from stress.
  • It has various places where you can easily experience multiple adventurous things like fireplace, camping adventure, ice facility, etc.
  • People should understand the importance of this park so that they can have a peaceful experience and better services.
  • Before going to such places, you should first get some knowledge about the areas which are included in a particular area.
  • The cabins which are present in this park needs to be booked two days before visiting that place.


All the parks and areas mentioned above are the best for having camped in Illinois. You should visit these places so that you can have life experience and also able to spend some personal time.

These places have different and unique factors that you will not get anywhere else apart from Illinois. Illinois is the best place for camping and to have many other sports-related adventures.

It is very important for people to understand the importance of camping places in Illinois so that they can visit there. All the places have their own unique and different features.

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