Are Smartwatches Safe To Wear

Are Smartwatches Safe To Wear ?

smartwatch radiation risksMany people have a lot of concerns about smartwatches. Some are concerned if smartwatches are safe for everyday use. Basically, the answer will be yes. Also, some are concerned about their health issues, privacy, and other aspects of safety.

Their worries quietly started when the fitness tracker feature became ubiquitous. But, now that smartwatches have gained more fame and become famous, now consumers are asking: are smartwatches safe to wear?

Smartwatch is a Bluetooth-emitting device, but smartwatches also have GPS, WiFi, and even 3G wireless signals on a person’s body for the best part of the day. And, one more concern from people using this technology is – “Is it safe to wear too much technology on your wrist and body?”

Well, it is a common concern, and it is not really a new thing. However, as with most technology, tons of concerns surrounding asking are smartwatches safe to wear. So to help you find the answer, let’s proceed with this article.

What Are The Health Risks?

Using much technology within our daily lives may also lead to some health risks. So, what are they?

Lack of sleep and changing of moods

Some people have reported that they experienced insomnia, and that is due to too much use of smartwatches. It is very natural due to the consistent use of technology. You might have experienced a reduction in concentration and non-productivity. The biggest problem of every user of smartwatches is when the user does not stop until before bedtime.

As a result of lack of sleep is brain damage or memory problems, and even changing moods. Because of the EMF used in technology like smartwatches, cellphones, laptops, televisions, etc. It could be hard for the brain to shut down after too much use of these items.

If you notice yourself always awake every night, you should try hard to shut down every technology device for up to 2-3 hours before bed. You need to give yourself any activity like reading or playing chess to give your brain a test.

Loosing of Focus

When connected might seem like an initial benefit, smartwatches are taking you out of the present, even more so than your mobile phone does.

However, it is not socially acceptable to remove a mobile phone from your sight while having an important dinner or any specific occasion. A smartwatch is always put on your wrist and allows you to be more constantly distracted.

Severe Headaches

Some people have reported that individuals have been experiencing severe headaches that are commonly caused by radiation.

If you are wearing your watch from day to night and you find yourself prone to headaches, these symptoms can be the direct result of high radiation from your technology device. When you are using your smartwatch 24/7 and always look into it, you might actually experience a severe headache later on.

How To Overcome And Prevent It?

Prevention is better than cure. So, you need to do your best to protect yourself from any possible risks associated with using too many smartwatches.

Do not use your smartwatch at work or any social gatherings.

One of the most significant problems with smartwatches is it allows a user to be constantly distracted. If you want to remove the cycle and make yourself feel that you are present again, you may need to be an active choice on your part. Just like while you are at work, you have to decide for yourself and just need to be focused on work.

When you go to a party, you should only be at the party, and you need to focus on who you want to talk to. It would help if you decided that you would not receive any calls for the time being. You need to remove the Bluetooth connection from your device. It will eliminate the radiation from the technology to your body. It’s like a win-win situation for you, as you can focus on your activity without someone or anything to distract you. But then again, it’s up to you! 

Set your smartwatch to airplane mode.

If you do not want to turn off your smartwatch entirely, you can set it to airplane mode. The airplane mode will disable every Bluetooth and cellular connection of your smartwatch. If you still need your watch off-line’s primary functions, you will be taking the radiation down to a higher level.

So, you may want to consider setting your smartwatch into airplane mode if you do not have something important to check for, like messages or calls. Overtime, this will become a good habit that will help you get rid of the risks of radiation.

Use an anti-radiation case for your smartwatch.

Using a case to put on your smartwatch claims that it can help protect you from the adverse effects of radiation. However, you must be careful because using it in the wrong way might harm, like the lack of data in terms of results to prove the product’s effectiveness.

As smartwatch users wear it directly into their body for a very long time, the radiation and electromagnetic fields could impact your body. Yet, if you add any additional protection to your gadget, like using anti-radiation cases, it protects you from possible health risks. Technology is everything, but you must put your health first before anything else.

Avoid using your smartwatch if you don’t need it.

Reducing the usage time might help you prevent any symptoms caused by radiation. If you are just going for a walk, shopping, or any not-related physical activity, you don’t actually need to wear a watch. It is not always that you need to look at the time or notifications.

If you really want to reduce the use of a smartwatch and get rid of radiation from your health system, just do not wear it unnecessarily. It will give you freedom from the stress of notification about your work and free from any health risks like the effects of radiation.

Do not rely on your smartwatch too much.

Probably most of us are a little bit guilty because of being too dependent on technology, which helps us connect to many people. However, if you have ever felt like it is not helping you and controlling you, you must disconnect yourself from it.

If your body is no longer productive because your daily life is constantly filled with games or scrolling, stop using your watch or gadgets for a little while. This will become the best option for you. You just need to practice without using it for a couple of hours or more if you can tolerate yourself not using it.

After trying a couple of days until it becomes a couple of weeks, you’ll soon notice how productive you can be and how healthy it is for you.

Do not buy it if you don’t need it.

If you just wanted to go with the trend and follow your friends from having it, it is not a good idea. Buying a smartwatch means you need it for convenient looking at time instead of using your cellphone.

It could give you many benefits, but if you do not need it just like the others, then I suggest you don’t have to buy it. It is not wrong to pamper yourself by buying what you want, but be sure to know some limitations and not risk your health.

Final Thoughts

While the convenience and efficiency of smartwatches are very reliable, there are so many varieties of health risks associated with this kind of technology. Due to radiation, it is not always good to utilize your smartwatch in every situation.

There are many situations where you do not need to wear your smartwatch. Dinner with family, shopping, going to a meeting, heading to work or school, these are the times when you can free yourself from the radiation that smartwatches and other technological devices may bring you!

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