Amatage Smartwatch Review

Amatage Smartwatch Review – Affordable Smartwatch Under $50

Amatage Smart watchSmartwatches are becoming more common these days, with more individuals checking out this wearable gadget each year as a result of the numerous benefits it offers.

The Amatage smartwatch looks like an Apple Watch, which is a good thing for some and a negative thing for others. The most essential aspects, however, are their fitness capabilities. This is a fitness tracker that also acts like a smartwatch, so it includes all of your favorite smartwatch features. This looks like an Apple knockoff, but it is cheap and has all of the basic smartwatch functions. At this price range, there is nothing to complain about.

This is a great alternative if you do not want to spend a lot of money on a fashionable and trendy smartwatch for both men and women.


AMATAGE creates unique and stylish goods that are inspired by individuals. They have been dedicating their passion and making it their purpose to produce things that make people’s lives better, easier, and more satisfying for over 15 years.

AMATAGE has a 15-year track record of excellence in manufacturing, quality control, and industrial chain supremacy. Their Sales, Marketing, and Design teams are resourceful, enthusiastic, and creative, with an unwavering commitment to quality.

Amatage Smart Watch Bands

The Amatage smartwatch features a Zinc-alloy body with a small form factor and is light and sturdy, measuring 0.36′′ in thickness. A single physical power/home button is located on the side of the device. It boasts a basic yet stylish design, as well as a waterproof silicone strap that can be removed and a stainless steel buckle.

This smartwatch features a high-definition display screen with three pre-installed interfaces. It has a full touch screen. A toughened glass protects the screen, giving it a premium appearance and crystal clear display.

Amatage Smartwatch Review

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1. Amatage Smartwatch 1.4” screen- Amatage Smart Watch Bands

Amatage Smartwatch 1.4 screen

The smartwatch can track your heart rate and blood pressure, as well as all of your activities, including steps, calories burnt, walking miles, activity times, and sleep status. The Fitness Tracker assists you in obtaining a complete picture of your health. Walking, running, cycling, basketball, football, badminton, and skipping are all available data recording modes on the Activity Tracker, which covers virtually all of your everyday sports.

iOS 8.0 and Android 5.1 and above are supported by the SmartWatch. The app is called “Da Fit,” and you can obtain it through the app store or by scanning the code on the manual. A full-screen 2.5D touch LCD panel with a resolution of 1.4 inches is provided. This fitness band gives a superior visual and handling experience than the others, with three default interfaces to select from, the option to download plenty of others through APP, an edge-rounded-off aluminum alloy frame with a silky touch, an ergonomic convex form, and a soft strap.

The smartwatch is IP67 water-resistant, making it appropriate for regular life such as hand rinsing. This smartwatch takes 2.5 hours to get full charges and provides about 7 days of usage. If you switch on the continuous Heart Rate Measurement for 24 hours, you will save a lot of time.

Our Rating :  4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Pros and Cons

  • Water-resistant.
  • Charging in 2.5 hours.
  • Activity Tracker that is both waterproof and dustproof.
  • Continuously check your heart rate.
  • Silent vibration alarm clock and sleep tracker.
  • There is a difficulty that some people may face: the language barrier. It appears to have been authored by someone with a poor command of the English language.

  • Not compatible with iPhone.


Your best option is this Amartage smartwatch, which provides a better visual experience, superior ergonomic design, and is more pleasant to wear. the cost against the capabilities of being able to check messages, know if you receive a phone call, listen to music, and monitor everything is exceptional.

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2. Amatage 1.3” Screen Smartwatch

Amatage 1.3 inch screen Smartwatch

The smartwatch measures blood oxygen and blood pressure in real-time and records your activities, such as steps, calories burnt, activity times, sleep status, and walking miles, allowing you to obtain a clear picture of your health. Running, climbing, walking, cycling, and ball sports are among the 23 data recording modes available on the activity tracker.

It is not only a dependable fitness tracker, but also a smart assistant that serves as a call/message reminder, phone shutter/music controller, timer, and alarm clock. Compatible with iOS 9.0 and later, as well as Android 4.4 and above. The “GloryFit” app may be found in most app stores.

The smartwatch is IP67 waterproof. A full charge takes only two hours. The fitness tracker watch is made of an aluminum alloy frame with a 1.3-inch full-screen touch display, giving it a distinct and stylish appearance. Two straps are included, a soft silicone one and a leather one.

Our Rating :  4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Pros and Cons

  • Full HD touch screen makes it simple to use.
  • Heart rate is recorded throughout the day.
  • This watch included a variety of sports modes.
  • It has a detachable strap.
  • Water-resistant.
  • The screen is small,
  • The touch sensor is mediocre.


This watch is well-made and reasonably priced. It features a Unibody no-button design, supports several sports modes, records all-day activities, and has 2 STRAPS for swapping.

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AMATAGE Smartwatch’s Health and Fitness Features

Monitor your heart rate

The wearable has dynamic heart rate monitoring, which allows it to track your heart rate in real-time. On the support app, you may check the status of your HR with graphs and statistics.

Sleep Tracking

It features an automated sleep monitor that tracks your sleep patterns, including light, deep, and wake-up times. All graphs and statistics may be found in the support app once again.

Automated Activity Monitoring

The automated activity-tracking feature of the AMATAGE wristwatch tracks your whole day’s activity, including steps, calories burnt, walking miles, and activity times.

Mode for Multiple Sports

Choose among popular sports activities such as basketball, badminton, walking, jogging, cycling, skipping, and football in the preloaded 7 sports mode.

Smart Notifications

With its smart notifications, the wristwatch may receive real-time message notifications, SMS, and phone calls. It also works with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, and other apps that send notifications.

Additional Functions

Alarm, timer, music controller, remote control for pictures, music control, preloaded watch faces, and more are among the additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the apps for the Amatage smartwatch?

The applications can be downloaded through the app store for this smartwatch.

Is the Amatage smartwatch waterproof?

Yes, all of the Amatage smartwatches are completely waterproof.

Can Amatage smartwatch connect to Apple smartphone?

Yes, the Amatage smartwatch can connect to apple smartphones as this watch is compatible with iOS. But please check to see whether your phone software is compatible.


Overall, the Amatage smartwatch is a fantastic gadget. It comes with a lot of useful features and is reasonably priced. The AMATGE Smart Watch is lightweight and features a changeable band that fits a variety of wrist sizes. The band has a total of 14 adjustable holes.

This watch is of the same standard as an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Watch in terms of quality and features? No, even though such gadgets are more costly than the AMATAGE Smart Watch, and if you want a sturdy smartwatch at a low price, the AMATAGE Smart Watch is a fantastic alternative.

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