Alesis recital pro review

Alesis Recital Pro Review

alesis recital 88 key reviewAre you looking for a digital piano to try out your digital piano lessons and don’t know where to start? We have one here that would be sure to impress you and enable you to learn fast. Our Alesis Recital pro review will allow you to know all there is to know about this piano.

In our review, you will get to know more about why we think the Alesis is one of the best pianos on the market at the moment. You will also understand why most people consider it one of the best options for beginners.

Read on to find out more.

Alesis Recital Pro

Alesis Recital Pro

Music as we know it has existed for a long time and its effects on humans are well documented. However, modern music has taken the game to the next level with the help of musical instruments. The piano is one of the instruments musicians have relied on to belt out tunes that have enthralled audiences worldwide.

Most singers started in music by playing an instrument or another. The piano is one of those instruments the musicians would have come across. Pianos should be as easy to use as possible for beginners to have no problem when starting.

The Alesis Recital is one of the easiest options to use on the market. It has a wide range of features that ensure learners learn at a pace conducive to them. Let’s delve into a review of the Alesis to know some of the features that will convince you to try it.


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Alesis Recital Pro Features

The Alesis has some exciting features that enable it to rank among the best pianos, especially beginners.


This piano is about 26 pounds in weight which means you can easily carry it from place to place since it isn’t that heavy. The weight combined with its sleek design makes it a rather beautiful piano to have in your home.

Additionally, the black color fits right in any setting, especially with the shiny finish on this digital piano.


Alesis Recital Pro keyboard has a 20-watt speaker that gives you impressive premium sounds even when connecting the piano to headphones. The 20weat speakers produce enough surround sound to fill up a moderate size hall.

It also has 12 inbuilt voices and 128 polyphone notes, which means you get the best quality of sound whatever style you play it. The twelve inbuilt voices also come in handy for beginners to practice with a broader range of voices.

Hammer Action Keys

Alesis Recital Pro has 88 hammer action keys that enable to get pretty much any sound from the piano. The Alesis’s keys have adjustable touch responses, making it easier for a user to achieve the right notes.

The 88 keys are enough to enable a beginner to learn without confusing them with too many keys. They are also full-sized to make them better suited to various users’ child or adult.

With the hammer action keys, each action is followed by the desired response for the user. That makes it one of the best ways to teach a beginner how to play the piano.

Educational Features

Most music-leaning people will want to learn to play the piano when they see one. However, not all pianos have educational features that enable you to learn how to play the piano.

This electric piano has several educational features that will ensure you have an easy time learning the ropes when playing the piano. Firstly you can record your playing for use at a later time. That means a teacher could use their music to instruct learners on what to do.

The rehearse and learn mode enables learners to play with the teacher and rehearse each time as they eliminate mistakes from their playing. That makes it a relatively helpful piano for neophyte students.

You can set the touch-sensitive keyboard to fit whatever style a learner is comfortable with. The three touch levels ensure learners get to identify what works best for them.

Apart from the mentioned features, it also has metronome and split mode features. The metronome feature allows you to slow down the music, get everything in detail, and recognize your errors. That makes it an ideal feature for beginners.

On the other hand, the Split mode allows you to divide the piano keys into two equal parts and play different voices and tones with each hand.

Online Lessons

Among some of the things that come with the Alesis Pro is the 3-month skoove premium subscription. Skoove enables the learner to practice playing the piano online.

That’s why this piano is one of the best options for beginners to learn how to play. You may want to also take a look over here on how to start learning piano.


Alesis Recital Pro Connectivity

This electric piano comes with all the right connections.  It is compatible with a sustain pedal, although you will have to get that separately. It also has a USB connector that allows you to connect your piano to other devices such as your PC.

It also has a stereo headphone output, allowing you to connect your headphones and play the piano in private. The stereo output is ideal for connection to speakers or amplifiers.

Dual Power Output

The Alesis Recital Pro has dual power options that ensure you can use it anywhere. If you are in a place with electricity, you can connect it to power and seamlessly enjoy using it.

However, when you can’t access power, the 6 D batteries ensure you can still play it even without power. Carrying batteries with you everywhere you go will enable you to avoid overreliance on electricity to use the piano.

What Is Included in Alesis Recital Pro

Alesis have included a few accessories with the Alesis Recital Pro. These are:

  • Alesis Recital Pro Keyboard
  • A Power Adapter
  • Speakers(20 watts)
  • A User Guide
  • A Music Rest( Removable)

Although the Alesis recital Pro has sustain pedal input, you will have to get the sustain pedal separately. We can therefore assume that it is compatible with most sustain pedals on the market.

Pros and Cons

  • The Alesis recital Pro is relatively affordable
  • It has a vast array of educational featured that make it ideal for beginners
  • The 20watt speakers provide premium sound for music performances
  • The hammer action keys each different levels that make it ideal for beginners to learn to play the piano
  • It has several valuable accessories that make it easy to use
  • The keyboard keys aren’t that great with violin or organ keys
  • The plastic sound that happens whenever you play the keys make it sound relatively cheap



Our Rating :  4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


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Final Verdict

The Alesis Recital pro digital piano is an excellent option if you are new to playing keyboards. It has several beginner-friendly features that should make it a good fit for anyone.

Although it doesn’t come with some features, such as the sustain pedal, the price is still affordable enough for its features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Here are some questions that you might ask:

Who Is the Alesis Recital Pro Most Suitable For?

The Alesis Recital Pro is an excellent beginner-style keyboard that would be a perfect fit for many people. It, however, wouldn’t fit them as well as it would fit a beginner keyboard player.

The educational features are one of the main reasons why it is best for teachers of piano playing. With features such as the metronome, the teacher can slow down the sound from the playing to help students learn better.

Therefore, if you plan to start a piano school for kids or other people who want to know how to play the piano, this piano would be best for you.

Another person this piano would be best for is a person on a budget. Although the Alesis Recital Pro misses out on some top features, the features it packs are still quite impressive. The icing on the cake is that you get all those features for a reasonable price.

Therefore if you are on a tight budget, the Alesis Recital Pro would just the right fit for you.

How different is the Alesis Recital Pro from the Alesis Recital Grand?

While both are from the same parent company, they couldn’t be any more different from each other. Let’s look at some ways the Alesis Recital Pro differs from the Alesis Recital Grand.

Well, for starters, they have differing keys. The Alesis Recital Grand has graded hammer action keys that produce a higher sound quality than the Pro’s hammer action keys.

To add to that, the Recital Grand has 50watt speakers compared to the Pro’s 20-watt speakers. Therefore you get to enjoy better sound even if you connect it to headphones or external speakers.

The Alesis Recital Grand also has better connectivity than the Recital Pro. Midi connectivity significantly improves the Recital grand’s ability to connect with output devices.

In addition to better speakers, the Alesis Recital Grand also has more voices than the Pro. Whereas the Recital Pro has 12 voices, the Grand adds four different voices to make that 16. You, therefore, get to train with a broader range of voices to practice with.

Also, the recital Grand has a sustain pedal while the Recital pro only has a port for the sustain pedal.

In what is one over the Recital Grand, the Alesis Recital Pro has a digital display that allows you to see each feature’s function. With the display, it is easier to use the keyboard, especially if you are a beginner.

However, the differences in sound quality are expected, seeing that the Alesis Recital grand is an upgrade on the Alesis Recital Pro.

How similar are they?

The most obvious similarity is in color. You will both get them in an attractive black color. They will, therefore, seamlessly slot right into your home. Black often fits nearly everywhere.

Additionally, they all come with 128 polyphonic tunes to spice up your music. That considerably improves the sound quality you will get from both the pianos.

To Wrap Up

If you are a beginner in digital pianos, there’s no better keyboard for you to learn how to play like the Alesis recital Pro. That’s because it has top-of-the-range features that make it easier to use.

It doesn’t cost that much and is also quite portable. That’s as much due to the hammer action keys as it is due to the weight. Apart from that, the Alesis recital pro also has an impressive quality of sound.

With the wide range of sounds on this keyboard, you can easily manipulate the keys to give you a sound you will love. Another thing why we think it’s an excellent option is because of the many educational features it has.

You might have seen this laptop be lauded as a beginner’s best friend. That’s thanks to the educational features. The features include the record and metronome options that ensure students know their mistakes and rectify them.

Therefore if you are looking for an excellent digital keyboard to start learning how to play, you wouldn’t set a foot wrong with this one.

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