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AKG P420 Microphone Review | Affordable Condenser Microphone

AKG P420 MicrophoneAKG entered the world of music in 1947 and manufactured affordable microphones that delivered astounding sound on stage and in the studio. They devised their individual circuits with industrial and innovative electronics to deliver an excellent experience.

This Vienna-based company put forward many different types of microphones that were manufactured uniquely for specific sound delivery and use. They include dynamic microphones, tube microphones, speech microphones, condenser microphones, etc.

AKG P420 Microphone Review

Sennheiser e835 ReviewThe microphone we are reviewing, AKG P420, is a part of their perception series. It is one of their condenser microphones that are affordable.

The AKGP420 condenser microphone offers the capabilities and functions to support its selection above other microphones in the category. It is a great microphone for people who need high-quality sound but doesn’t want to spend too much money. So, let’s look at the features, design, and quality of performance and find out if it’s worth the price.


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Key Features

As AKG has highlighted that this mic as “a multi-pattern large-diaphragm true condenser microphone,” what is this multi-pattern diaphragm? If you don’t know the notion of a dual-diaphragm, then there are polar patterns in variation in a microphone.

The diaphragm is the main component of a microphone as it helps to determine the frequency and polar responsiveness of the mic AKG put a lot of thought into this part and created a dual-diaphragm that can transition between cardioid, omnidirectional, as well as figure-8 polar rhythms.

The cardioid pattern means the field of sensitivity, and you have to point it towards the source of your sound. And the Omnidirectional is referring to as equivalent sensitivity all over the mic, which is ideal if you have multiple singers producing a similar sound.

And lastly, figure-8 means two regions of sensitivity, i.e., on the back and the front of the microphone. This unique feature of polar patterns in variations makes the microphone appealing, useful, and versatile compared to other models. You can easily select your required polar pattern for stereo miking technique and ambient recordings.

The AKG P420 microphone also includes a pad switch of 20 dB and a high bass filter switch. This attenuation pad with various options allows you to adjust high levels of sound pressure, making the mic more versatile and adjustable. This mic is capable of delivering pristine audio without breaking the bank, and it’s perfect for all of your recording needs.

This microphone also features low noise levels so you can get your voice heard while working in noisy environments. You can give yourself a boost of confidence when giving presentations either on stage or working with its amazing attenuation pad. It allows you to customize the sound for whatever situation you are recording in with ease!

Design and Build

akg 420 perception

It might seem like the regular recording microphone, but it’s extremely attractive. The actual quality and specialty of this microphone lie within its material and sleek design. AKG surely has used top-quality materials for the full metal chassis as the AKGP420 Perception is made up of precision-tooled zinc/aluminum alloy.

It has a dent-resistant stainless steel grille. The grille is divided into three segments. It features a side-address design along with a top address which makes the sound delivery more precise and cool. This microphone has a retro look with its stealthy matte black finish and gold logo on top.

The three selectable polar patterns cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8, this microphone has an amazing design that is different from other microphones. The polar patterns might look like ordinary ones that every condenser microphones have, but they sure are one of a kind.

The microphone weighs 530gm, and because of its sleek body, it is easy to handle. It can be fit in a stand on stage or sit on a desk in its shock mounts case. Whether it’s a recording studio or stage, this microphone will surely catch the eyes and look appealing. It looks like a mic that should cost more than the actual price of it, i.e., $200.

Sound Quality

This microphone is ideal for group production, magnificent piano, woodwind, rhythm organs, percussionist, and drumming, according to the manufacturer. It is also perfect for vocals as it delivers warm and transparent sound quality. It is a general condenser microphone that will deliver phenomenal performance in taking up vocals and recording instruments with precision and clarity.

The unique and innovative polar patterns in variations design also adds to the versatility and flexibility of this microphone in recording different types of sounds. It can easily record casual room sounds or wide sound sources. It offers high sensitivity and a maximum sound pressure level of 155dB. The attenuation pad also makes it easy to adjust sound, delivering performance. The frequency range of AKG P420 is from 20Hz – 20000Hz, which means you can record the deepest booming bass line or highest singing note without any distortion.

Conventional diaphragms of large condensers employed for voices often have a noticeable presence peak in the 5,000 to 10,000 Hertz region when used in figure-8 mode, this microphone approaches nearest to this spectrum, however when used in other configurations, the increase is minor compared to other microphones.

Owing to their presence apex, these typical big diaphragms are frequently hard and increase production midrange frequencies for some vocals. This means if you put this mic with a singular violin, it might produce a loud screech, but AKG P420 is not the case. It doesn’t matter which polar pattern you have chosen; this mic will avoid this issue. It has a silky curve for the frequency response of the cardioid pattern. It offers crisp and non-disturbed voices that sound natural. In short, this mic will give the performance of a large-diaphragm but without any screeching issues.

The bass cute filter switch also allows the easy removal of wind noise and other unwanted frequencies. So you can filter out the background voices while still picking up your voice perfectly. It provides low noise electronics for a high dynamic range. It has a maximum sound pressure handling of 135 dB straight and 155dB on the attenuation pad. This allows the mic to handle every kind of high-frequency noise. So don’t worry about placing it in front of a screaming guitar because its frequency response will likely keep the scream to a minimum.

Pro and Cons

  • This microphone picks up less background noise than other mics, which makes it easier to use in noisy environments.

  • It consists of a LED display that tells you the status of your recording input level in dB. This allows you to not look at your computer screen every time and adjust your volumes easily.

  • The design of this microphone is sleek and compact.

  • The attenuation pad on this microphone is extremely helpful.

  • It is an ideal choice for project studio owners who don’t want to spend too much money on their first recording mic.

  • It doesn’t have any USB connectivity.

  • The sound quality is not better than other microphones in the same price range as it lacks some high-frequency response.

Final Verdict

AKG P420 Multi-Pattern XLR Condenser Mic

Sennheiser is dedicated to the quest for optimum sound. Every single person who works there has this goal and drive. The pursuit of ideal sound focuses us on their consumers’ ambitions and needs all around the world.

They’ve been doing it for 70 years and have no plans to quit because they have a mission: to create the future of audio via their heritage, innovative culture, and commitment to quality.

This Sennheiser e835 is one of the best microphones put forward by this company. It features the best specifications, and the best part of it all is that it is available at extremely low rates. Perfect to be used at both personal and professional levels, this exceptional microphone comes with a 10-year warranty.

Whether you want a microphone to perform a couple of songs on the stage or just for a ceremony, the Sennheiser e835 will always be to your rescue with its amazingly hard-built body and lightweight function.



Our Rating :  4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

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What’s Included in the AKG P420  Package?

AKG P420 condenser mic package

This AKG P420 package includes:

  • AKG P420 studio condenser recording microphone
  • Rockville Pro M50 Studio headphones with detachable coil cable and extra ear pads
  • Hard leather protective and carrying case
  • Gold platted ¼” adapter
  • Attractive aluminum shock-mounts case

The aluminum case is ideal for protecting the mic from breaking and stumbling anywhere. The hard leather protective case is made for the microphone, so you can easily carry it anywhere with you, in the studio or stage. The Rockville Pro M50 headphones are professional and high-definition headphones that have a soft leather headband. It offers supreme sound isolation and goes perfect with the AKG P420 condenser microphone.


The AKG P420 is one of the all-rounder condenser mics that is the pinnacle of sensitivity and details. It delivers astounding sound in the studio or on stage. It is a great partner for acoustic instruments, recording their sounds perfectly without any extra background noises. This microphone excels in lowering the unwanted frequencies and noises so you can easily hear yourself and record.

The innovative dual-diaphragm design makes the product more flexible and allows you to capture audio at all sides. It also includes low-frequency roll-off rumble, hum, and low-frequency noise along with an attenuation pad. This allows you to capture loud and transient noises with ease.

Therefore, the AKG P420 Perception microphone is a win for its price. It’s not only good in looks but also performance. It is ideal as a recording studio mic for podcasting and on stage. In a calculated and small amount, you can buy a microphone of great value and quality. We hope that the AKG P420 review can guide you and you can buy the best microphone for yourself.

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