9 Effective Ways On How To Get Your Dog To Respect You

how to gain a dogs trustTo train your dog with basic commands could be an uphill battle. If your dog does not respect you, then there is a big chance that your dog would not be going to listen to you, either.

Once your dog sees and recognizes you as an alpha of the pack, you will be able to give the rules, and you can have your dog follow anything you say without yelling or pleading necessary. The good news here is there are ways on how to get your dog to respect you.

Teaching a puppy is a lot easier and takes less time than teaching an old dog. But, if possible, you have to let your dog learn how to be obedient. Well, you can teach that trait to your dog. Respect training for dogs is necessary. You just have to find a good spot where you can teach him obedience for 10-15 minutes per day without having any interruptions. For more respect-related training techniques, you may want to read through this article until the end, as I’ll be giving you some practical ways on how to get your dog to respect you.

How To Sense If Your Dog Respects You

Training how to be respected by your dog can give you a position as pack alpha. If your dog still has yet to learn the lesson, your pet might try to defend you or guard you against other kinds of dogs. Most of the dogs have undergone training when they are still a puppy. As a result, they will grow trusting, loving, and obedient dogs, which can help build strong relationships with their owners or pet parents.

As you can see, it is natural for dogs to become extremely faithful. They would obey their masters to the moon and back. As for many owners’ experience, dogs seem to respect their decisions. Dogs are showing that sign as they see their owners as the alpha of the pack. Because of this, dogs are gentle and well-behaved that can adapt to almost any kind of social situation.

9 Ways To Get Your Dog To Respect You

If you are now super curious about how to gain a dog’s trust, then let’s begin!

1. Have Your Dog His Own Place

When the dog is being adopted, even by a friendly and wonderful person such as your lovely self, it might be one of the most very stressful things the dog could encounter. It is hard for them to go through. Just how you want to do the nice and cool stuff you are planning to do with him, he must first feel safe. Well, you can have easy ways to do that.

You must give your dog his own space—a place where he can just relax and adjust to his new and reality of life. Find an area that is out of the way, yet a place where he can still see some activity in the house.

For example, you can place him in the corner of your living room. Make the area dog-proof and comfortable. Providing your pet a crate is one of the best options for most dogs, or you might as well use a dog bed or an exercise pen. You can add some chew toys to entertain themselves and also a blanket.

When your dog is in his “room,” please give him some respect. Do not let your kids or other pets (if any) climb all over him.

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2. Be A Dependable Owner

It is prevalent to think that dogs must protect us. Sometimes, we forget that dogs need the protection of their human owner as much as we need their protection unless you want them to use their fangs on your family members and friends. You are your dog’s only defender and advocate, so you need to stand tall for him. As the owner of a beautiful new dog, you might encounter many people who want to interact with your pet.

One of the best things you will need to teach your fearful dog is learning to step in between. It is for whoever or whatever that’s frightening them. Most especially to those who are so- scary toddlers who want to grab and play with their ears and tummy. You may see your dog visibly relaxed when you make the simple gesture that conveys to your dog a message saying, “Don’t worry, I got this.”

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3. Learn Your Dog’s Hobbies And More

Once you and your pet get to know more about each other, you will see and start to discover the things that will make your dog happy. You can use those things that make your dog happy, have a good time, and have fun together. 

Usually, the things that make your dog happy would not make you happy, that is, “of course” because you are a human and your dog is an animal. Harassing the cat or digging up the yard is one of their hobbies. Yet, you can still make use of those things. You just need to be creative.

You can improvise a sandbox for your dog, create a flirt-pole or play tug. Also, you can do frisbee using a cat-chaser. Being a creative owner could give your dog a good time, and their behavior problems may turn out to be the opposite of your problem with your dog. 

4. Lend An Ear To What Your Dog Wants to Say

People usually get offended and annoyed when their dogs says “no,” may I ask “why.” I mean, when you are requesting your human friend to do something you want, and they told you “no,” would you be insulted and take it personally, worrying that they are trying to control and dominate you? Well, obviously not. You just made your own reason. They might just not be feeling well, or a little busy, or maybe, they do not understand what you are saying. Perhaps it’s not something they are comfortable doing.

Usually, a dog becomes very anxious and high-strung because they know no one is listening to them. If a dog refuses to do something, its trainer/owner either jerks on the leash or waves biscuits in his face until your dog complies. Your dog has no control over what happened to him. 

The next time that your dog says “no” or does not comply, you need to figure out why because maybe something about the situation is scary, or maybe your dog isn’t feeling so good. Just figure out why and don’t yell at them or be upset.

5. Let A Dog Sleep With You

Ways To Get Your Dog To Respect You- Sleep With You

You can let your dog sleep with you at least until he gets to settle himself in. This kind of experience is scary for your dog, especially for the little ones (puppies). When you sleep with your dog as his new family, it will help to reassure and drive him to the fact that you are really a family.

It is not so bad letting your dog sleep with you, it will give them courage, and they will respect you even more. Treat your dog better, and they will treat you the same way you did and much better.

6. Be Always There

If you really want to know about how to gain a dog’s trust, the connection is not a one-way road. If you really want to get your dog’s attention and respect, you need to offer them yours. When you and your pet are working on respect training for dogs, you have to give your full attention to your dog 100%.

Commit with your dog by doing some training sessions. It is not the time to be worried about work or thinking about what to eat for dinner. You just need to work on being “Really,” and truly present in the moment with your dog. Dogs will sense if you are really “there” with them, and as a result, your dog will always be with you either.

7. Walk and Work Together

Ways to get your dog respect you- work and walk with dogsInstead of taking him out real quick to do his 30 mins regular exercise or other business, you also need to take your time and explore with your dog. Let your dog roam, run, and walk around the park. Give him time to smell the flowers, but sometimes you need to lead the way for them not to rush.

Walking is an easy way to spend some quality time together with your dog and develop warm fuzzy feelings with each other. You can also participate in the old tradition of the ‘Dog-Human Working Partnership.’

Once you and your dog get to know each other a little bit, take them up for their hobby or any kind of dog sport. Learn a freestyle routine or some agility class, and also, you can do some frisbee dog tricks. You can train them as a therapy dog team.

8. Feed Your Dog Regularly

Some people may say, “oh! Wow, I had no idea that you needed to feed a dog.” Well, of course, you are supposed to feed your dog regularly. First of all, I do not appreciate Sarcasm. You need to see the importance of feeding your dog as it helps on how to get your dog to respect you.

Dogs are just like us. Humans need to eat and drink. Aside from that, it makes us alive, right? It is also giving them the respect they deserve. As much as you want to eat, you also need to feed your dogs to maintain their health.

But sometimes, you need to use his food as training rewards. Just let him do some effort to get his food by doing some exercise that you are teaching him. You can do this at least twice or thrice a day, preferably using a toy puzzle, or scope up any leftovers after fifteen minutes.

You also need to Hand-feed your dogs sometimes, not the whole time, but maybe two or three handfuls before you set their bowl of food. If you do that, your dog will understand that you are providing him the food. In this way, you are training your dog to be less aggressive when it comes to food.

9. Comfort Your Dog Always

Veterinarian visits are terrifying, especially for puppies. But, during a visit to the vet, you need to stay with them and let them feel that you are always there. You need to comfort them while having their health checked. Such simple acts will never go unnoticed when it comes to every dog.

They will always feel like the comfort you are giving them is like love, and that will make them feel good and happy. Respect is one thing, but if you make them feel comforted, it’s not just respecting that you will get from your dog in return.

Final Thoughts

In this content, we heavily focus on the common ways on how to get your dog to respect you.

By this time, you already learned a lot of things about your dogs. Just remember, your dog is not just a pet; they are already a part of your own life. You may not see that instantly but, in time, you will learn that your dog is as important as your family does. So, what are you waiting for? Assess your dog now and start training respect for dogs. In the end, you’ll see how fruitful it can be!

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