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20 Best Piano Brands for Your Complete Piano Needs

top piano brandsWant to know the best piano brands in the market today? Well, this article is for you!

The piano also called the French piano or the German pianoforte is a keyboard musical instrument with wire strings that sound when hit by a felt-covered hammer. The piano is commonly used for various purposes, such as playing music for solo performances, ensemble performances, and songwriting. It is also used for training and rehearsal. The piano, which was invented in Italy in 1709, was named after its ability to play both quietly and loudly.

The piano is commonly used to play two parts at the same time. This unique feature makes it more versatile and one of the most popular instruments to learn. Also, it is very easy to learn how do piano works. When pressed, a key on the piano causes a small hammer to hit a string or a number of strings. The sound produced by the hammer then vibrates and makes a specific note.

Here are some Best Piano Brands that you will surely like. We listed here the top piano brands and best manufacturers of pianos. So, let’s start!

1. Bosendorfer

Bosendorfer was founded in 1827. It was the official piano maker for Austria’s Emperor from 1830 to 1830. Their pianos featured a 97-key key design and were known for their luxury models. The Grands of Bosendorfer are ready to be voiced and refined for six years before they are ready for their stage.

Bosendorfer is a piano manufacturer located in Austria. Since 2008, it is a subsidiary of the Japan-based Yamaha Corporation. The company mainly produces 97 and 92-key models. On a Bosendorfer, the clear and powerful area of the piano is often overshadowed by the lower notes, which give these pianos their lower tone.

2. Bechstein

Bechstein pianos are often named after grand names. We can also consider this as one of the most expensive piano brands. They could easily belong to law firms. They are often referred to as grand-sounding names. Carl Bechstein is the founder of Bechstein Music.

He started the company in 1853. Bechstein’s are available in three different series: the B series, the C series, and the digital line. All three are equipped with Vario technology to allow quiet playing. The Bechstein grand piano is a highly regarded musical instrument. Made in Germany since the early 19th century, it is still considered one of the most popular models.

3. Steinway and Sons

Many people who immigrated to the West anglicize their names once they get to the west. For Heinrich Steinweig, this was his fate. In 1850, he came to the US and founded the company, Steinway & Sons. Many technicians pick the 6′ Steinway B as their top model.

However, the company prefers to place the 8′ Steinway D Concert as the flagship. Most modern digital pianos age well. Although they can depreciate with age, most Steinways are still worth their fair value. The smallest of the Steinway pianos in Queens factory’s grand pianos, the Model S measures 5′1′′ wide and ranges from $65,600 to $71,600.

4. Yamaha

Yamaha is a brand that makes digital keyboards. It is one of the best brands in the top piano brand rankings. They’re also known for their silent piano software. From the time of its founding, Yamaha has been creating pianos as beautiful as they are innovative.

Yamaha pianos are often near the front of the list when it comes to finding a good piano. They continue to produce high-end pianos at a great price point. Steinway pianos are typically more expensive than Yamahas. If you’re looking for a better quality piano, then a Yamaha may be the better option.

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5. Kawai

Kawai is a Japanese word meaning “cute, loveable, or adorable.” There are no Kawai pianos that are designed to be played by children. Musicians who prefer this brand include Joe Yamada and Steven Curtis Chapman. They are known for their quality and local wood and plastic piano models.

Compared to a standard piano, a Kawai piano has a warmer, fuller tone. This makes them the preferred choice of many seasoned classical pianists. Kawai is a word that translates to “cute” in Japanese. This popular style is very influential in the country’s popular culture.

6. Bluthner

Bluthner is a German piano company that was established in 1853. The family that founded it still owns and operates it. They are known for their grand and vertical pianos, which are both known for their warm and melodic sound.

The fourth string in the upper registers provides a song-like tone. They also have see-through pianos. Since 1853, the Blthner family has been manufacturing hand-made pianos in Leipzig.

7. Fazioli

FAZIOLI is a family-owned company that values its quality and continuous improvement. This philosophy is carried out by its employees, who work in a factory that is located in a place with a rich history in the art of woodturning.

The Fazioli brand was created by Paolo Fazioli, a pianist, engineer, and designer. Grand pianos are made by Roland and are exclusively for professional musicians. They have six sizes that range from 5 to 10 feet. The biggest model has a fourth pedal for added portability.

8. Mason & Hamlin

Henry Mason & Emmons Hamlin is an American piano brand founded by a pianist and an inventor. Their first product, an award-winning harmonium, was initially built by them.

They now build around 300 grand pianos and 50 upright pianos a year. We also vet each piano a dozen times before it’s sent. The Mason & Hamlin piano company is still based in Massachusetts. They are still manufactured and distributed throughout the world.

9. Stuart & Sons

Ever since it was first invented in Australia, the Evergrand pianos have been known for their large size. They make both concert and studio grand pianos. They even have a 108-key model.

They make high-end, handmade, Tasmanian wood pianos that are among the most expensive on the market. Usually, they sell it separately and are made to order. It is a young piano brand founded in 1990. It features contemporary classics that are already popular.

10. Grotrian

Henry Steinway was born in America. He then changed the brand piano name to Theodor Steinweg after he came to the country. Due to its controversial nature, the Grotrian piano brand has had various court cases and rebranding. But, despite these obstacles, the brand still remains one of the top piano brands in the industry.

11. Sauter

Some people prefer the bright sound of Asian or European pianos, while others prefer the refined sound of European ones. If you’re looking for an American-sounding piano, then Sauter is the place to go.

Since 1819, this family-run company has been making pianos in the Alps. They produce over a thousand pianos a year. SAUTER upright pianos are ideal for home and concert hall use. They have a great sound and are sensitive to touch.

12. Schimmel

People often buy upright piano sets because they don’t have the space to mount a grand piano. In response, Schimmel has created vertical pianos that sound like their siblings. Schimmel is a piano manufacturer based in Germany that started in 1885. Their pianos are equipped with Computer Aided Engineering technology.

13. Casio

Back then, digital piano makers were not considered very important. Today, most people buy their first piano online. Casio makes a wide range of electronic keyboards and synthesizers. Some of these are also used as hybrid pianos. They’re portable and ideal for gigs and contemporary performance.

The digital models are lightweight and versatile.  In addition, the first electronic keyboards were first made by Casio in 1980. They are still made by the company today. The original models featured full-sized keys.

14. Steingraeber & Sohne

Steingraeber was able to create the first cast iron grand piano in 1867, which was on display in Paris during that year’s 1867 exhibition. This piece was commissioned by Richard Wagner and Franz Liszt.

This device is specially designed for people who play piano but can’t use their legs. It features a Bluetooth pedal and wireless dentures. This piano company only manufactures grand pianos, and they only make around 80 annually. The company only makes customized models for disabled pianists.

15. Korg

This company is a Japanese firm that sells electronic pianos. It sounds vaguely German or Dutch, though it’s mainly focused on Japan. They mainly sell consoles and have various models with various features. Their pianos are also equipped with virtual keyboards. They also develop apps that allow users to pair their pianos with online tutorials.

Kabushiki-Kaisha Korugu is a manufacturer of electronic musical instruments and audio processing equipment.

16. Young Chang

Sometimes manufacturers of pianos might go out of business. This could mean that the original owners are no longer able to work there. They might also make a new name for something that sounds familiar. Young Chang is a family-owned company that specializes in making stencil pianos under various brands.

They make these pianos under the names of Pramberger, Fridolin, and Bergman. Samick makes stencil pianos too and tried to buy Young Chang in 2004, but the deal was stopped by anti-trust laws. These are good quality and reasonably priced. If you are looking for a new grand piano, we would suggest the Kawai-built Grand upright or digital piano.

17. Pearl River

Pearl River’s acoustic pianos have been winning various awards since 2015. Due to their popularity, digital pianos are becoming more prevalent. Pearl River Piano has been manufacturing fine pianos for more than 60 years. Through continuous improvement, we have been able to continuously produce and improve our products.

Pearl River Piano Group has a reputation for consistently improving its quality. This is proved by the number of times that they have been awarded for their efforts.

18. Babcock

Have you ever heard a square piano? The square piano was invented by Alpheus Babcock in the 1820s. He patented the use of steel and iron stringing. He also introduced covers for the hammers, which helped make them sound better and last longer. They are also available in different colors.

In the 1820s, Alpheus Babcock made a square piano in Boston. His one-piece iron frame provided piano makers with higher-quality string, and it helped with better stability due to humidity. This piano was made for R. Ray Mackay, Boston. It has a plaque that reads “For R. Ray Mackay, Boston.” It features a compass and two pedals, and a mahogany case with a rosewood crossband.

19. Cristofori

It is believed that Giuseppe Cristofori first invented the piano over 300 years ago. There are only three surviving examples of these instruments. These instruments are made from the same materials as a harpsichord, and they sound better than modern pianos due to their design.

They were developed for the unique sound that they produce. The piano’s quiet birth dates back to around 1700. Its first creator was Bartolomeo Cristofori, who was a man from Padua and was appointed to the court of Ferdinando de’ Medici in 1688, so he could care for its instruments.

20. Boston

Sometimes, old piano brands launch a new budget line, such as Samick’s Fridolin. Boston Pianos are sub-brands of Steinway. It has a wide tail that fits most soundboards. It comes with a 10-year warranty and can be upgraded within ten years.

Even though they are still built by Kawai’s, Boston pianos are built to be solid and of good quality. They are often presented as a cheaper alternative to Steinway pianos. Boston piano is made by Kawai in Japan, Indonesia, and Hamamatsu, Japan. There are various sizes and types of Boston grand and upright pianos for sale in the market.


The piano brand that you buy will rely on how you feel about musical instruments. Most pianists swear by a few musical companies. Others are content to get the very best quality piano they can find. Some companies are known for making acoustic pianos, while others are more focused on developing piano technology. Also, there are old piano brands that you may also consider.

These manufacturers of pianos typically go for varying degrees of customization. Nevertheless, If you are looking for the best piano brands, then you must be ready to face confusion on which piano will be in your liking. Playing the piano is good even for beginners. You just need to find the right brand of piano for you.

So, are you now decided which best piano brand is for you? Let us know in the comment section!

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